Who was voted out Survivor October 17, 2012 Results 10/17/12

A twist is about to happen in Survivor Philippines tonight. Two Matsing tribe members are left. Will Malcolm and Denise, the two remaining members be split between Tandang and Kalabaw? Who’s going to win the immunity and reward challenge tonight? Who will go to the tribal council?

Matsing tribe have lost for four consecutive weeks with Russell Swan being the fourth member to be voted off. Thus, only Malcolm and Denise are left. Many are speculating that they will most likely be separated and asked which tribe to choose as their new team. However, it’s a bit confusing since Jeff Probst says in the preview that the idol is their only hope. What could he mean by that? I’m thinking they have to find the idol to avoid being eliminated by their new teams.

Anyway, tonight, aside fro the twist which could shake up a tribe, one castaway will face a game-changing decision. Will it involve Dana, who is at the risk of being medical evacuated or will it be another castaway? The episode tonight is dramatic, according to Jeff as he tells EW about it. He finds it emotional and the event changes the game. What could this drama be? Will it happen during the tribal council?

Spoilers say that Kalabaw is shaken up as they lose the immunity/reward challenge. With the team going to the tribal council, teams must decide who will be the one to leave. Speculation says it’s Dawson but if so, how did that happen?

Again, updates will be posted. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. Find out the twist and the drama happens tonight. Who is the next who got voted off on Survivor Philippines 10/17/12? Results will be provided.

Update: Dana Lambert quits; Sarah Dawson got voted off!

Malcolm goes to Tandang, Denise goes to Kalabaw

Reward challenge – each of the participants holds an idol. They then have to make his/her opponent to drop it.

Jeff wins against Malcolm

Artis wins against Dana

Katie wins against Lisa

Mike wins against Jonathan

Deniese wins against RC

Pete wins against Carter

Abi wins against Dawson

Malcolm wins against Jeff

Tandang wins the reward challenge. Their prize is coffee and baked goods.

Dana is checked by the medics due to sharp pains in her stomach. She was allowed to continue for another 12 hours but she decided to quit because she thinks she won’t get better.


Immunity challenge – obstacle course with puzzle

Tandang wins immunity! 


Kalabaw at the tribal council


Denise – 1 vote

Dawson – 4 votes

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