Who was voted out Survivor October 19, 2011 Results 10/19/11

Survivor South Pacific October 19, 2011, someone will finally get the boot. Which tribe will win the immunity challenge? Which tribe will head on to the Tribal Council? Who will win the duel between Christine and Elyse? Who will be sent home and who gets voted out of Survivor 10/19/11 results?

At the fourth duel in Redemption Island, Christine battles it out with Elyse to stay in the competition. Will Christine be able to win again?

Meanwhile, tensions are high in one of the teams tonight, while one castaway will reveal a what could be a game-changing secret. Could it be Ozzy since he is now a “free agent”? Hence, the title of the episode. How does he feel after Elyse left? Does he feel betrayed?

Another player will be appalled by the lack of loyalty within his tribe and threatens to leave the game. Which player do you think it is?

The immunity challenge for tonight, which is “Losing Face” could be one of the top five best challenge ever. The teams must assemble their wheelbarrow and transport coconuts across the field and slingshot targets to take them out. It’s not an easy challenge as there are obstacles in between. Will Upolu win again?

Spoilers say that Christine wins the duel for the fourth time, Savaii wins the immunity challenge and Upolu kicked off Mikayla. Will it be correct?

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Update: Elyse got eliminated; Savaii wins immunity; Mikayla got voted out and sent to Redemption Island;


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