Who was voted out Survivor October 2, 2013 Results 10/2/13

The third episode of Survivor: Blood vs Water airs tonight. Another battle for those in Redemption Island and another immunity and reward challenge awaits for the castaways. Who’s going to home after Rupert? Who’s going to Redemption Island next?

The three ladies in Redemption Island are Marissa, Candice and Rachel. These three are going to face off in the battle in which one will be sent home. There are spoilers though that Tyson will take Rachel’s spot but it seems that he really didn’t and that Rachel competes against Marissa and Candice. If that is so, do you think Tyson did the right choice?

Meanwhile, expect an emotional breakdown as family rivalry takes center stage while a castaway quits the game. They say it’s Colton who’s going to quit. What could have caused him to do so? Also expect a blindside during the tribal council.

By the way, the title of the episode tonight is “Opening Pandora’s Box”. The challenge involves a boxing challenge and it looks like it’s the women who’ll face off against each other and the same with the guys. How it’s going to be is what we’ll find out tonight.

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Update: Colton quits; Rachel got eliminated; John got voted off!

Tyson got offered the chance to take Rachel back in the game and him to compete in the duel. But Rachel told him he has a better chance.

Colton quits for some unknown reasons but wanted his fiance to stay.


DUEL – contestants must stack blocks along platforms and avoid trip bars.

WINNER – Candice – She gave John another clue to the hidden immunity idol

Second place – Marissa

Eliminated – Rachel


REWARD AND IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – battle between teams. Members of each team will be on the platform and first one to push the other from the platform is the winner. Prize is comfort or fishing gear.

WINNER – Galang Tribe



Ciera – 1 vote

John – 4 votes

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