Who was voted out Survivor October 20 2010 Results 10/20/10

It will be a shocking episode tonight on Survivor Nicaragua October 20, 2010, which is the sixth episode. Another unexpected twist is about to happen and be seen on television. What could it be? Who will get voted out of Survivor 10/20/10?

Both La Flor and Espada tribe has to vote somebody from their team out of the game. There is only one way to stay in the game and that is, to win individual immunity challenge. Who will win and who are in danger or getting booted out by the others?

The title of this episode is “Worst Case Scenario”. Dan will also talk to Holly about him wanting to leave the game. Will he? Meanwhile, Marty is going to show off his intellect to Ben. Is he making another moves?

Two tribal councils, two leaving tonight. Are you excited to find out who will they be? We’ll post updates here, as always. The castaways who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor October 20, 2010 results will be here.

Updates: Espada tribe – Kelly B was voted out; LaFlor tribe – Yve was voted out

Voting time

Jill and Holly can’t be voted out

Marty 3 votes, Kelly B has 3

The tribe has to vote again

Kelly B – 4 , while Mary has only 1

I thought Marty would be sent home!

La Flor tribe’s turn

Yve – 4 votes while Dan has only 1

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