Who was voted out Survivor October 23, 2013 Results 10/23/13

Another challenge awaits the tribes Tadhana and Galang on Survivor: Blood vs Water tonight. Who’s going to win the challenge?

New tribes will be formed so expect a Survivor shake-up and old conflicts heat up. The castaways will find out if water could be thicker than blood tonight. I didn’t expect a tribe swap or whatever as early as the sixth episode. I thought they should have remained together until the merge!

Meanwhile, one castaway will fall victim to a strategic blindside and the Coconut Bandit returns tonight.

Anyway, the immunity challenge is called “Buoy Oh Buoy” and this one includes the team untying and releasing fish traps in pairs. Like the previous challenges, puzzle pieces must be solved.

Who’s going to win the challenge tonight? Don’t forget the three inhabitants of the Redemption Island – John, Brad and Laura. One of them will be finally eliminated after the battle.

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Update: Brad has been eliminated; Kat got voted off;

BATTLE – John vs Brad vs Laura.  They must cross a balance beam while untying bags of items and complete a puzzle

Winner – Laura – she gave the clue to the idol to Vytas, but he burned it as well.

2nd – John

3rd – Brad



Galang – Katie, Kat, Monica, Vytas, Tina, Laura B

Tadhana – Gervase, Aras, Tyson, Caleb, Hayden, Ciera


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – teams must go out in pairs, collect fish traps from the water, return them to shore and solve a puzzle. Reward is a picnic.

Winner – Tadhana



Kat – 4 votes

Vytas – 1 vote


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