Who was voted out Survivor October 24, 2012 Results 10/24/12

It’s the sixth episode of Survivor Philippines tonight and 12 castaways remain. Six has left with one quitting due to illness. Who will be the next to leave the island? Which team will be the next to go to the tribal council? Who will win the immunity challenge?

A dirty deal between returning players will make the castaways ready to clean the house. This is the first in Survivor’s history that opposing tribes mastermind a bargaining strategy in the middle of a challenge. I’m referring to Skupin and Penner as they make an alliance. If that is so, whoever loses the challenge is at the risk of getting voted off. But what could their deal be? Some speculate that one of them throws the reward challenge in exchange of the immunity challenge. Some think that the two made a deal to share the reward only to those who deserve it. Meaning, only those who participated in the challenge which gets very physical. How about you? What do you think is the reason for the deal?

Meanwhile, in the episode tonight which is titled “Down and Dirty”, The challenge gets physical and the castaways get down and dirty to battle it out for a fruitful feast.

Anyway, who’s going to leave tonight? Spoilers say it’s Katie. What do you think?

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Update: Katie has been voted out. Details will be posted later!

Reward challenge – push a large of ball through the mud. The winner gets food.

A deal happened between the two tribes. Mike and his tribe trade sandwiches for rice.

Reward challenge winner – Kalabaw

Artis isn’t happy with the tribe’s decision. He doesn’t like that Mike got the team some rice.


Immunity challenge – teams must launch and catch balls. Catching their own team’s balls or intercepting the other team’s balls counts as a point.

Immunity challenge winner – Tandang


Kalabaw at the Tribal Council


Katie – 3 votes
Jonathan – 1 vote

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