Who was voted out Survivor October 26, 2011 Results 10/26/11

Survivor South Pacific October 26, 2011 is a one interesting episode. Someone will take a risk and volunteer to go to the redemption island. Which of the castaways is it? Will Christine win the duel once again which is against Mikayla next? Who will be leaving the game and who gets voted out of Survivor 10/26/11 results?

12 castaways are still in the game while two are in the island. The teams are winning the immunity challenge alternately. Will it happen again tonight and Upolu wins this round?

Meanwhile, one tribe will be in shock when one of them makes a very risky play which is to happen for the first time ever in the show’s history. What risk is this player going to make?

Spoilers report that Christine wins the duel for the fifth time, sending Mikayla home while Cochran will lose the immunity challenge for his tribe. Thus, it may have prompt Ozzy to volunteer to be voted off, thinking he might have the chance to win the duel with Christine. The plan is to bad mouth Savaii to whoever will show up from Upolu to make them think Ozzy is on their side. What’s interesting is Ozzy will be giving Cochran the Hidden Immunity Idol if ever he won’t come back. What is he thinking?

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Update: Mikayla was eliminated; Upolu wins immunity; Ozzy was voted off;


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  1. Absolutely. Although if there is anyone who can take out Christine it would be Ozzy. I just hope it doesn’t come back and bite him in the butt!

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