Who was voted out Survivor October 27 2010 Results 10/27/10

A water shooting challenge is one of the highlights of the show tonight, on Survivor Nicaragua October 27, 2010. Will there be someone who gets blindsided again on one of the tribes? Who gets voted out of Survivor 10/27/10 next?

Sash will be talking to the other tribe members on having Marty relinquish his idol, but, will Marty do it? Meanwhile, one of the challenges is the water shooting challenge. Who will win it and get a reward? Also expect NaOnka to do some trash talking again regarding Alina.

“What Goes Around, Comes Around” is the title of this episode. Are we to expect some twists again? Last week, one from each tribe was eliminated and Kelly B was blindsided getting a vote of 5-1 during the second vote. Will there be another scenario like this tonight?

Do you have any guesses as to who would be leaving next? Updates will be here, like before, if you missed the show. Please be back for who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor October 27, 2010 results.

Updates: Jill was voted out;

Tribal immunity is back, Espada wins

Marty gave his immunity idol to Sash

Jane – 2

Mart – 2

Jill – 3

The group is making decisions based on loyalty

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