Who was voted out Survivor October 3, 2012 Results 10/3/12

It’s episode 3 in Survivor Philippines and tonight, expect the immunity challenge to be intense and one of the castaways will incur a fresh battle wound. Who could it be?

Lisa Whelchel scrambles, Russell Swan swags and Michael Skupin puts everything on the line. Michael Skupin is the castaway to incur a fresh battle wound on his cheeks during an intense immunity challenge. Will it be worth it? The upcoming immunity challenge involves a swimming and puzzle piece challenge. Which team will win this one?

Meanwhile, a wary castaway will consider an unlikely alliance when one tribe member brings an invaluable gift to the table. What gift could it be? Is it the hidden immunity idol? We all know Penner has it, but will he show it to the others so that he could have an alliance?

There are speculations that either Angie or Russell will be voted of. Some says it’s Angie while some says it’s Russell. If so, that means Matsing loses the challenge three times in a row. I’m gearing to Russell Swan going home if his tribe loses again. What do you think? Any predictions?

Roxy is hinting during the interview that her former team loses again. They can’t seem to get it together. Or it’s going to be the other way around and their team will win the challenge this time?

Again, we’ll provide updates on the challenges and which tribe wins immunity. While waiting for the results, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. Find out if Angie or Russell gets voted off Survivor 10/3. Tonight’s results results will be posted.

Update: Angie has been voted off!

Immunity/Reward Challenge – teams must dive to retrieve puzzle wheels then solve a word puzzle afterwards.

First tribe prize – fishing kit and canoe

Second tribe prize – smaller kit


Kalabaw is the first team to get all the puzzle pieces. Tandang follows. Matsing is last again.

First – Kalabaw

Second – Tandang

Third – Matsing







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