Who was voted out Survivor October 30, 2013 Results 10/30/13

An all new episode of Survivor: Blood vs Water airs tonight on CBS. Another one castaway in Redemption Island will be sent home and another one will be going there. Who among the three inhabitants will be eliminated? Who will get voted off at the tribal council?

The three inhabitants in Redemption Island are Kat, John and Laura M. Kat was voted out after she got blindsided but she still has the chance to be back in the game, that is, if she wins the battle against John and Laura M. Hayden has the chance to swap spots with her as well. Will she accept or she will compete against those two?

Tonight’s episode is titled “Swoop In For the Kill”. One castaway’s honesty may be her biggest downfall and an odd man out needs to prove his worth on an all-female tribe.

Anyway, tonight’s immunity challenge is called “Chain Reaction”. The tribe members will be chained together through posts and the first castaway on each team will unwind the chain through a metal maze and release a set of keys. The keys then must be passed down the line until everyone is released.

There are obstacles along the way and items to collect. The last part of the challenge is to create 6 bolo sets and the first team to do it wins immunity.

Spoilers say Laura B. gets voted out. If that is so, that means, Tadhana wins the challenge.

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results tonight. The next castaway who gets eliminated and the one who gets voted off Survivor: Blood vs Water episode 7 will be provided.

Update: Kat gets eliminated! Laura B got voted off!

BATTLE – Kat vs John vs Laura M

– Kat wants to switch, thinking she’ll lose in the battle, but eventually agreed to play.

– for this, the three must untie a machete, release bags of puzzle pieces and solve it.

– Winner – John

– 2nd – Laura M

– Eliminated – Kat



– 4 members from each tribe are chained. They will walk together and untie bags underneath a platform. Reward is fried chicken.

WINNER – Tadhana



Vytas – 1 vote

Laura B – 3 votes

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