Who was voted out Survivor October 31, 2012 Results 10/31/12

Something is about to happen tonight. I’m sure some of you already know what’s this twist in the game, but for those who doesn’t know it yet and want to find out what it is, it’s something that forces everyone to scramble. Who will be leaving the island tonight?

The merge will happen tonight and the eleven remaining castaways will scramble to solidify their numbers and rank in the new tribe. With Tandang tribe still intact since the start of the season, I’m expecting them to vote out the castaways who were originally from Kalaban/Matsing before voting one of their own. But we’ll never know since alliances might change. We know from last week that Penner and Skupin have formed an alliance, but how long will that last? Anyway, how many castaways will consist a jury? Will it be a jury of nine?

Meanwhile, Lisa Whelchel’s secret will be out and she’ll be confronted about her past as a former television star. She said she’s not hiding it and she’s just not offering information and what could be the big issue out of it?

For the castaway who will be kicked off tonight. Many say it’s going to be Carter. Do you agree?

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Update: “RC” has been voted off. She becomes the first member of the jury! Details will be posted later!

The tribes have merged. The new name is Dangrayne.

First challenge – hold a reel hooked to a rope to a bucket which holds 25% of their body weight. Prize is individual immunity for a man and a woman.

Denise wins immunity for the women

Carter wins immunity for the men – It was Jeff and Carter who were left but Jeff made a deal with Carter so Jeff drops during the challenge.



RC – 4 votes

Pete – 2 votes

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