Who was voted out Survivor October 5, 2011 Results 10/5/11

Survivor South Pacific October 5, 2011 is about a castaway turning on an alliance. But before that, the second duel will happen. Who between Christine and Papa Bear will win? Who is the next castaway voted out of Survivor 10/5/11? Results will be here, as always.

The Redemption Island challenge for tonight is called the sand bag toss. Papa Bear and Christine will be throwing stones at stands a couple of feet away. It could be that the one who made the most stones landed will win. Meanwhile, a castaway will turn on his alliance and will be teaming up with another tribe member. Who will turn up against who?

Another breakdown might happen with one castaway during an emotional tribal council. Will he/she be the next to be send off to the island?

Anyway, spoilers says Christine wins the duel, Savaii wins the challenge and Stacey is kicked off. Find out if it is correct. Updates on who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor October 5, 2011 results will be provided here.

Update: Christine wins the duel; Papa Bear was eliminated, Savaii wins immunity/reward challenge; Stacey was voted off;

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