Who was voted out Survivor October 6 2010 Results 10/6/10

The drama continues on Survivor Nicaragua October 6, 2010 episode 4. What challenge will be castaways be taking on and who will win the Immunity Challenge? Which tribe will lose and who gets voted out of Survivor 10/6/10?

Jimmy J. was voted off last week, having a total vote of 8 against him. This was due to Marty’s move against Jimmy, where all the other tribe members followed him. The bad guy Marty will continue to run the show as he targets another member to get kicked off. Who will it be? It might be the other Jimmy, but will the other members follow him again?

Meanwhile, the challenge for tonight is quite old, where one gets blindfolded while the other is the caller. Those who were blindfolded have to get items which will be told by the callers.

Let’s see what could be some interesting tidbits about this episode. Oh btw, next week, the tribes might merge already. We’ll see if that will really happen.

So, anyway, find out what happens tonight. Updates on who was voted out or eliminated on Survivor October 6, 2010 results will be here again.

Updates: Jimmy T was voted out, getting 5 votes.

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