Who was voted out Survivor October 9, 2013 Results 10/9/13

It’s Wednesday night and that means, it’s Survivor night! Survivor: Blood vs Water episode 4 airs and the next castaway to go home is determined tonight. Who among Candice, Marissa and John will lose the battle?

Expect two big twists to happen on tonight’s episode which is titled “One Armed Man and Three Moms”. They say that one of the twists is about one castaway refusing to accept a clue for the hidden immunity idol. What could be his/her reason for not accepting?

The other twist could be a face off between a husband and wife. How could this happen?

Also expect a shocking blindside at the Tribal Council and many say Brad Culpepper is about to be blindsided.

Meanwhile, one of the challenges is called “Boats, Brains and Brawn”. The tribes must row a boat, collect boxes from the water, drag these boxes onto the beach and assemble them into a staircase. Of course, there’s a puzzle they must solve.

Will Brad be the one to be voted off? Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for tonight’s updates. The shocking twists, the battle results and the tribal council results will be here. Find out the next castaway who gets voted off Survivor: Blood vs Water’s episode 4.

Update: Marisa got eliminated; Brad got voted off!

DUEL – Marissa, Candice and John must unravel a key to unlock puzzle pieces.

Winner – John

Marissa was the last to solve it and got eliminated.

John gives the clue to the hidden immunity idol to Monica just as what his wife told him to, but she puts it in the fire.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – teams must paddle, retrieve crates, build staircase and solve the puzzle.

Reward is tea, coffee and pastries or fishing gear.

Winner – Galang Tribe



Brad – 3 votes

Ciera – 3 votes

With a tie, there must be voting again

Brad – 3 votes

Ciera – 1 vote

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