Who was voted out Survivor September 21, 2011 Results 9/21/11

Survivor South Pacific episode 2 airs tonight, September 21, 2011. One of the castaways is already sent to redemption island, who will be the next? Will it from team Savaii again, or from team Upolu this time? Find out who gets voted out of Survivor 9/21/11 results here.

Ozzy’s tribe lost the immunity challenge last week, will he lead his tribe to victory tonight, or be pulled down by the team’s weakest player? Meanwhile, Russel Hantz’s nephew Brandon have told Coach about his secret. Was it a bad move for him since Coach can make the team vote him out to redemption island? Will he be the next to join Semhar or will it be Cochran? If Savaii lost, Cochran might be going to redemption island, well, depending on his game play.

Anyway, updates will be provided on who will face off with Semhar. The next castaway who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor September 21, 2011 results to be posted.

Update: Christine Markoski from the Upolu team is eliminated, being the second inhabitant in redemption island. She got a total of 4 out of 9 votes.

Sophie – 1 vote

Cochran – 1 vote

Edna – 1 vote

Stacey – 3 votes

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