Who was voted out Survivor September 22 2010 Results 9/22/10

Who will be the next to get voted out of Survivor September 22, 2010? The second episode of Survivor Nicaragua airs tonight on CBS. Which tribe will lose the challenge and who will be eliminated on Survivor 9/22/10? Want to find out who?

Last week, it was Wendy from the Espada tribe who was kicked off during the tribal council. Who will it be this time? Anyway, the title of this week’s episode is “Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All”. We’ll find out who will win the reward and the immunity challenge in a few hours.

One of the castaways will behave erratically and will reach a breaking point which threatens the game early. Who could it be? Expect tempers to flare and fights happen tonight.

If you couldn’t watch it on television, please do check back this post for the one who was voted out of Survivor September 22, 2010.


The tribe voted between Shannon and Brendon.

Shannon was voted out.

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