Who was voted out Survivor September 25, 2013 Results 9/25/13

Survivor: Blood vs Water airs tonight. Survivor 27 is back tonight for another set of challenges for the castaways. Also, one of the voted outs who are now in Redemption Island will be eliminated. Who’s it going to be?

Last week, three of the castaways got voted out. Laura and Candice got voted out immediately but Rupert volunteered to replace his wife so it was he who went with Laura to Redemption Island. They were joined by Marissa after she got voted out during the tribal council. Thus, these three will be facing each other for the first battle tonight.

Titled “Rule in Chaos”, a new alliance of seasoned players will target one of their own while the old Colton Cumbie tries to disturb the peace at camp. Will he be the target? If ever, who among the seasoned players started it all? It could be the other way around though and we’ll find that out tonight.

By the way, the winner of the battle wll be able to give a castaway who’s a member of any tribe a hint at the location of an Immunity Idol.

Anyway, find out tonight who’s going to win the battle and the immunity challenge. There are spoilers though that Rupert is the first one to be eliminated. If that’s true, we’ll find that out tonight.

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Update: Rupert gets eliminated! Rachel gets voted out – goes to Redemption Island!


– Rupert vs Candice vs Marissa

– They must move objects though a metal contraption and stack them on top of it.

– Candice was way ahead while Marissa was just lucky even if she’s way behind at since the wind gets in Rupert’s way, which made him fall behind.

Rupert goes home!

– Candice wins and she can give a clue to the hidden immunity idol and tells it to John (her husband)



– Tyson, Gervase, Tina, Monica and Aras



– They must be tied together to push people in barrels toward the balls and then roll those into slots.

– Reward is a fishing gear

Galang wins the challenge!



John – 2 votes

Rachel – 4 votes

Ciera – 1 vote

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