Who was voted out Survivor September 28, 2011 Results 9/28/11

Survivor South Pacific September 28, 2011 is the third episode. Semhar and Christine will be battling it out in the first Redemption Island duel. Who do you think will win? The one who will lose the challenge will be leaving and another person will get voted out of Survivor 9/28/11 as well. Results to be provided here.

Ozzy and Coach lock in an epic battle for tonight’s challenge while Brandon tries to hide his identity from the tribe and manipulate his way to the top at first, but he can’t hold it any longer and reveals the shocking secret. Meanwhile, another castaway will devise a plan by pretending to find the hidden Immunity Idol in an effort to keep alive in the game. Who could this castaway be?

Anyway, are you up for some spoilers? Many said Christine will win the duel and Stacey will get the boot. Follow is in twitter, click on the icon at the upper right corner of this site, and find out if spoilers are correct. We’ll provide updates on the castaway who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor September 28, 2011 results.

Update: Semhar was eliminated after losing to Christine in the duel; Mark “Papa Bear” Caruso was voted off, being the third inhabitant of the island.

Upolu won both reward and immunity challenge.

Papa Bear got voted out, having 6 votes.


Cochran – Papa Bear

Dawn – Papa Bear

Elyse – Papa Bear

Jim – Cochran

Keith – Papa Bear

Ozzy – Papa Bear

Whitney – Papa Bear

Papa Bear – Jim


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