Who was voted out Survivor September 29 2010 Results 9/29/10

Survivor Nicaragua episode 3 airs tonight, September 29, 2010. Will it be the Espada or the La Flor tribe that will win the challenge? Who will be the castaway on which the other members will have to vote to? Who gets voted out of Survivor 9/29/10?

One from each tribe were eliminated. Last week, it was Shannon who was eliminated by his tribe members. Will it be from this team again? Jimmy Johnson will try to take on the leadership role this week but some of the members are making the move against him. Who are they? It’s Marty and Jimmy T. Will they be successful in getting the former football coach out of the game?

Another exciting episode for tonight awaits us, that’s for sure. So if you want to know the results, stay tuned for it. This will be updated for who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor September 29, 2010 results.


Voting time – is it Jimmy J, or Danny?

Jimmy J was voted out!

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  1. Sorry, Jimmy. You are a proven leader and the tribe was not mature enough to accept your wisdom. You would have been a vital asset to the tribe. Their lost. There are to many insecure folks in the older tribe. Insecure, you are not. Linda

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