Who Wins Dancing with the Stars 13? (Poll)

We want to know your thoughts on who do you think will be this season’s winner on Dancing with the Stars. Our guess is it’s Ricki & Derek though J.R. & Karina is a strong contender too. What do you think? Does Rob & Cheryl have a chance too? For sure one of the finalists are Ricki & Derek and J.R. & Karina. But who will fill the third spot? Could it be David & Kym? Please do leave a comment if you can, thanks!

19 thoughts on “Who Wins Dancing with the Stars 13? (Poll)

  1. OK, Derek is by far the most creative choreographer of the dancing pros, but that doesn’t mean his partner deserves to win every time. It’s time for JR and Karina, but it won’t be a sympathy vote – it will be because JR can dance. Sorry Ricki, it’s just not your season.

  2. I agree JR can win this thing because he is a great dancer. He is learning and growing each week. And I think he keeps building his fan base because he has such a wonderful spirit, he is humble, and he has a positive outlook on life. Vote for JR!

  3. JR is hot! That smile, and the way he moves that body… Ooh wee, talk about sexy!

    My friend who knew nothing of him says he looks better to her now than in his before pictures. JR just proves that beauty is from within and in the eye of the beholder.

  4. JR is by far a much better dancer than Ricki Lake. Unfortunately, people are judging JR against Derek. Derek is a professional, JR is not. The judging should be Jr and Ricki, the two celebrities. Monday night, Derek dragged Ricki through her routine. Jr takes the male role so is judged wrong! What a travesty it would be if the better dancer lost because he was judged against the pro rather than his peer!

  5. JR is great! We love him! Love seeing him in front of the camera. Because he has heart, and can do anything he puts his mind to. I think he is a great person, actor and dancer! And he is one of our Countrys HERO’S!!!
    GO JR!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  6. JR knows how to dance, he came here to compete against other celebrities not the male pro dancers, so please watch and vote for the celebrity not the pro dancers!!

  7. Vote JR! He is the best dancer this season compared to the other celebrity dancers. No fair comparing him to the pros. Even with a hurt foot he still gave it his all last night. I hope he feels better and is able to come back next week and knock it outta the park. Yeah Team JR!

  8. What “stars” will be in DWTS 14? It’s their show and they can and do define “stars” any way they want to. This show is great. But, and it’s a big BUT, the show is at risk to be canceled. Why? Because they have the audience vote count the same as Judges’ votes. Such enabled Chaz to defeat Chynna. In season 12 the same thing happened. The majority of watchers want the best dancer to win. Not someone that has a famous mother, father, sister, brother or whatever. They need to change the accounting. If not. say bye-bye to DWTS

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