Who wins Dancing with the Stars Season 11? (Poll)

Who do think will be this season’s winner on Dancing with the Stars? We think it would be Jennifer & Derek. What do you think? Please also do leave a comment, thanks!

19 thoughts on “Who wins Dancing with the Stars Season 11? (Poll)

  1. I dont think its right that brandy and max got voted off because of the votes recieved by callers the show to me should be voted on by the judges only, bristol should have been gone of the show. Give credit where credit is do!

  2. when it came down to it the finals should have been between jennifer and brandy, bristol did not have a clue what the he _ _! she was doing, dancing is an art and she does not know art. How did she get on the show any ways? she has not accomplished anything major, maybe I should go on the show ! But on another note I hope Jennifer wins and if bristol wins over her I’m never watching the show again because that will be some bull

  3. Something is definitely screwed up.

    Kyle has messed up his dancing continually and the judges don’t say a word about it. His facial expression is always disgusting – he always looks like he’s getting ready to kiss a cow.

    Bristol has improved, but not enough to win.

    Max & Brandy have been continuously great and they’re leaving ???

    Somebody has the fix in and it stinks.

  4. Maks & Brandy got screwed over. They are the best and should have won.

    They’re certainly a helluva lot better than pucker-face Porky or Bristol Palin.

    There’s something fishy going on.

  5. This is my last viewing of this show. It is a farce, simply a popularity contest. Max and Brandie are the best,Rick Fox was great. Bristol is not even a star, so how is she on Dancing with the stars?She is the worst dancer and performer. Maybe all of Alaska votes for her. Kyle is a performer, but not a dancer. He messes up on his steps too much.Another farce of a show, even the judges are astounded.

  6. Bristol should got kick off the very 1st show . she has 2 left feet , and the title of the show isDANCING W/ THE STARS!!!!!!! WHAT IS BRISTOL, an inmature child.

  7. My husband and I both agree with the above comments. ..this year is ending up as a popularity contest, not even considering talent or performance. Bristol doesn’t come close to the talent or performance, in any fashion, of Jennifer or Brandie. .should have been one of the first to go.
    If she should win, this program will not be on our list for the next season. Judging should be equally based on performance and dancing only.

  8. I’m glad brandy ogt voted off because she is a professional singer and dancer so its not fair that she is even on this show! I think Kyle should win because he has improved the most. Bristol should not still be there and I’m tired of hearing Jennifer whinning.

  9. I think Bristol should have been voted off several shows ago, like 4 or 5. Politics should not enter into an entertainment show. I think they should decide based on the shows judges, or make their scores count for more of the outcome. Bristol Palin does not deserve to be in the finals, and I don’t even personally care for Brandy, but, she deserved to be in the finals!

  10. So, I am very happy that Brandy was voted off. I think Jennifer is a way better dancer. Brandy is a singer and dancer. This is about performance too and I wanted to fall asleep watching Brandy, she is a cold fish. Go Jennifer!!!

  11. Of course Maks and Brandy got screwed. But who made sure they would get screwed????? It was Queen Carrie Ann Inaba when she created a controversy when there was none before. She lit into Maks for not giving her “instant dance” when that wasn’t the point and had nothing to do with the dance performance. So she pushed Maks’ button and he knew she was not being fair and he called her out on it. Queen Carrie Ann was snide and insulting to Maks when she told him “Kurt danced more than he did”. Maks is one of the best professional dancers in the world and this biatch tells Maks that Kurt danced more than he did??? Then after creating controversy and putting Maks in the position of defending his partner Brandy this biatch Queen Carria Ann gives them the same score as Bruno and Len. If she found legitimate fault with their performance why didn’t her score reflect the fault? Because there was no fault with their dancing and that proves she was nit picking and did it just to piss Maks off and make him look bad to the voters… If Queen Carrie Ann is on DWTS next season I REFUSE TO WATCH IT. And if Maks leaves over getting screwed like this I REFUSE TO WATCH IT. Brandy was shocked and she was crying after getting unfairly shafted… Carrie Ann pushed Maks’ buttons and tricked him into insulting her and that lead to fewer votes for Maks and Brandy. Thank you Queen Carrie Ann… not get your ass back to Hawaii and don’t come back.

  12. I think Brandy got booted off because Max shoots off his mouth at the judges too much and people don’t like his arrogance. He never shuts up long enough to listen to the judges like the others do. Carrie Ann wasn’t the cause of Max shooting his mouth off. Max was the cause of him shooting his mouth off. He should know better.

  13. This whole thing about Brandy and Max is a shame. She was so good and Max I have to give it to him is a great teacher. She improved so much. Bristol is a laughing matter and looks like a big cow. I feel sorry for her partner. He was dealt a bad hand with that cow. If they win he sure desires it because he had nothing to work with.

  14. Well, here’s what I think:

    I think Bristol should have gone by the 3rd show AT THE LATEST. Audrina was doing well — much better than both Kyle and Bristol. Even Rick Fox did a great job.

    I don’t even know what to say about Brandy and Maks — Ridiculous that they’re not in the finals! Yes, they should be winning the whole show. They’ve consistently been FABULOUS. Yes, Maks has been a GREAT Instructor. I don’t blame Maks at all for standing up for his partner.

    I’ll refrain from calling Carrie Ann out of her name. Save to say she was very clear about ensuring Brandy’s demise! I need not every see or hear her again. Like others, I won’t be wasting my time watching DWTS — I’ve got way too many positive things to do on M/T.

    As to Brandy, she’s a singer. Period. Singing does not translate to Ballroom dancing. Look at Michael Bolton, a legend and phenomenal singer. He simply could not dance. Brandy does have generation on her side — meaning she and M. Bolton are from two different generations. Brandy is from a more soulful generation and she certainly knows how to move her body. She obviously can do the booty shake; then again most girls who’ve grown up with Beyonce at least give it a try! (This cuts across racial lines; kids from all ethnicities are fairly good booty shakers and street dancers nowadays — except Bristol. Not sure what happened to her??) Still, Ballroom dancing is quite different than singing and performing R&B.

    Jennifer is also a great dancer. I won’t comment on her expertise as a dancer because I don’t know much of her history, other than her part in Dirty Dancing. I will say that I certainly began to tire of her whining, though; I’m sure she got lots of sympathy votes for those very questionable weeks. Seems to me that Brandy and Maks were the most consistent throughout — well, positively consistent.

    Bristol was the most consistent in quite another way.

  15. if it was just decided by the judges i guarantee you the show would not be as popular, because there wouldn’t be as much to get invested in and there would be no point to a results show so there would be no drama. Once you saw the scores you’d know who was going home. That would never work. I don’t remember people getting so up in arms when Emmit Smith won and he was in no way the best dancer that season. So I don’t understand why people are so upset. If it’s because she’s Sarah Palin’s daughter then that’s unfair to her. Don’t punish the daughter because you don’t like her mother.

  16. and saying that someone should or should not be in the finals is purely subjective. in all fairness the people that SHOULD be in the finals are those who are at the top of the leader board when judge’s scores are combined with vote totals. That’s how the show is set up, and since Brandy didn’t get as many votes as Bristol you could argue she shouldn’t be there because that’s not how the show is set up.

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