Who won America’s Got Talent 2011? Winner of AGT Season 6 9/14/11

America’s Got Talent 2011 winner will be announced tonight, September 14, 2011 in it’s two-hour finale. Who among the final four acts will win America’s Got Talent season 6 and grab the grand prize of $1 million and be the headliner on Vegas Strip?
Will it be a singer again, or a dance group this time?

Two singing acts and two dance acts. Which will it be for tonight? We’ve created a poll last week and based from your votes, Team iLuminate will win, though Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., is a strong contender too. Actually these two might get the first and second place. We don’t know yet who will fall in first and who will be the runner-up, coz that’s what we’ll find out tonight.

Jackie Evancho, last year’s runner-up will be performing tonight along with other stars like One Republic, Tony Bennet, Queen Latifah, Def Leppard and Cirque du Soleil. Meanwhile, the final four acts will be performing with the stars as well. Poplyfe perform with Stevie Wonder, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr, performs with Patti LaBelle, Silhouttes performs with LeAnn Rimes and Team iLuminate perform with Cobra Starship with Sabi.

Who do you think will win? Our prediction is like the poll results, Team iLuminate. How about you?

Anyway, live updates on the finale tonight will be provided. Find out who won America’s Got Talent 2011 finale part 2 9/14/11. The winner will be posted here.

Update: Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. wins America’s Got Talent 2011!

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. and Patti LaBelle perform

Team iLuminate and Cobra Starship with Sabi perform

Silhouttes and LeAnn Rimes perform

Poplyfe and Stevie Wonder perform

Fourth Place – POPLYFE

Third Place – Team iLuminate

Second Place – Silhouettes

33 thoughts on “Who won America’s Got Talent 2011? Winner of AGT Season 6 9/14/11

  1. I hope that Silhouettes WIN! Team iLuminate will become popular even if they don’t win. Silhouettes would be hard to become popular. All the singers can also get record deals, but the most talented is definitely Silhouettes. The people in iLuminate don’t do much except dance. There is only one main talented person and that is the woman that created it. Silhouettes tell a story with their body, can create illusions that are pleasing to the eye, and there are so many of them that they all coordinate well together. GO SILHOUETTES! They also have a pretty amazing story as a bunch of kids gathering together and struggling through illnesses and dancing their little hearts out on stage.

  2. I like the singer and the silhouttes 🙂 I think the silhouttes are very beautiful but the singer has an AMAZING voice! whats your thoughts? comment back!

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  4. That’s absolute b*llsh*t!

    They pick a karaoke show tune singer that can’t even write his own music or play any instruments?

    It’s totally rigged. If you listened to the audience cheer then you know the winner was Team I-Luminate hands down, then Silhouettes, then PopLyfe and finally LEMJr.

    Don’t get me started on his teeth either.

    I can nail karaoke Sinatra songs too.

    Guess I’ll be the winner next year!


    Just need to loose some weight and take some tanning pills…

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