Who won America’s Got Talent 2012? Winner of AGT Season 7 9/13/12

Tonight is the ultimate season finale of America’s Got Talent season 7. One of the six finalists will be announced as the winner. Who among these acts do you think will win America’s Got Talent, get the one million grand prize plus a show headliner on Vegas?

The final six are David Garibaldi and his CMYKs, Tom Cotter, Olate Dogs, The Untouchables, Joe Castillo and William Close.

David Garibaldi painted a portrait of Einstein on a rotating canvas to The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” while the CMYKs painted their respective colors on their own canvases. The judges loved it, saying that’s a way to start the show. Tom Cotter was the second performer who did a rapid-fire comedic routine about children’s stories. Howard thinks he should be the first comedian to win the show. The Untouchables did a Jive to Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary”. Sharon gave them a standing ovation. Joe Castillo drew the judges and Nick Cannon in the sand. Howard said it was remarkable. William Close played “Pachelbel’s Canon” and “America the Beautiful”. He was given the standing ovation by the judges. Olate Dogs was the last act to perform. They did a series of tricks which includes riding in a toy SUV, tumbling and walking on the wheel.

Among these six finalists. Howie thinks it will be between Tom Cotter, William Close and Olate Dogs. What do you think of his choices? Any prediction on who will win tonight? Will a comedian win this season?

By the way, tonight’s finale is a two-hour show with Justin Bieber as one of the guest performers.

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Update: Olate Dogs wins America’s Got Talent!

They should have just air this in an hour instead of a two-hour show full of fillers…

NeYo performs…he has a new album titled “Red” coming out on November 6th.

William Close performs with One Republic…

Olate Dogs and The Untouchables on stage with Frankie J singing.

Blue Man group on stage…

Green Day performed their new single “Oh Love”



6th place – The Untouchables

5th place – Joe Castillo

4th place – David Garibaldi and his CMYKs

3rd place – William Close

2nd place – Tom Cotter

WINNER – Olate Dogs

3 thoughts on “Who won America’s Got Talent 2012? Winner of AGT Season 7 9/13/12

  1. Tom Cotter should have won.

    Although he did have the best line after to Nick Cannon after the celebration. ” I’m gonna go get my million by falling down the stairs”

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