Summer reality shows are about to end their seasons, and America’s Got Talent is one of those. Airing from 9pm to 11pm ET, one of the final six contestants will be this season’s winner. Who do you think will win? The winner will, of course, get the one million grand prize and a show as the headliner on Vegas.

The final six contestants are Forte, Jimmy Rose, Kenichi Ebina, Cami Bradley, Collins Key and Taylor Williamson.

Each act performed twice. Jimmy Rose sang his original song at the first part and “The Dance” by Garth Brooks for his second act.

Kenichi Ebina performed a matrix-styled martial arts dance and a dance routine involving his former characters.

Cami Bradley sang “Believe” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand”.

Collins Key did a close-up magic trick and predicted Twitter hash-tags of random audience members.

Forte sang “The Prayer” and “Caruso”

Taylor Williamson did a routine on why a comedian can’t reuse jokes and a routine about his love life.

From these acts, I think it will be Kenichi Ebina and Jimmy Rose. What about you? Though Cami Bradley has a good chance as well. Will another singer win this season

By the way, expect lots of fillers tonight before the winner is announced. Dierks Bently, Earth, Wind & Fire, James Lipton, Luke Bryan, Icona Pop, Josh Groban, Il Divo and Heather Headley are some of the performers tonight while we found out the results in between.

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Update: Kenichi Ebina wins America’s Got Talent!


The Rockettes performs!

Icona Pop performs!

Cami Bradley sings with Gavin DeGraw

Kenichi Ebina dances while Il Divo performed together with Heather Headley




6th place – Cami Bradley

5th place – Collins Key

4th place – Forte

3rd place – Jimmy Rose

2nd place – Taylor Williamson

1st place – Kenichi Ebina