Who won Big Brother 12?

This post is dedicated for who won Big Brother 12. The finale is still weeks away but we are creating this post for predictions on who could be winning Big Brother 12.

Here are the stats:

Week 7 – Britney is HoH; Brendon & Enzo nominated on pre-veto; PoV winner: Brendon; Enzo & Matt nominated on post-veto; Double Eviction; Matt is evicted; Hayden won HoH; Brendon & Ragan nominated; Ragan won PoV; Britney & Brendon nominated on post-veto; Brendon is evicted;

Week 6 – Brendon is HoH; Lane & Ragan nominated on pre-veto; PoV winner: Ragan; Lane & Matt nominated on post-veto; Matt used Diamond Veto and nominated Kathy; Kathy was evicted;

Week 5 – Matt is HoH; Rachel & Brendon nominated; PoV winner: Britney; Rachel was evicted;

Week 4 – Rachel is HoH; Hayden & Kristen nominated; PoV winner: Britney; Kristen was evicted;

Week 3 – Matt is HoH; Andrew & Kathy nominated; PoV winner: Brendon; Andrew was evicted;

Week 2 – Rachel is HoH; Britney & Monet nominated; PoV winner: Britney; Matt & Monet nominated on post-veto; Monet was evicted;

Week 1 – Hayden is HoH; Brendon & Rachel nominated; PoV winner: Brendon; Annie & Rachel nominated on post-veto; Annie was evicted;

As of August 25, 2010:

We know many of you guys hate Brendon, but we’d like him to win Big Brother 12. We think he really deserves to win since he has been fighting to stay in the game. Unlike other house guests, Lane, Enzo and Hayden, who haven’t won anything, except for Hayden, who won HoH in week 1 by default. ¬†We also like Britney to win and same goes with Ragan, though the gay is a bit of a bitch. They are the only ones who really deserve to be in the final three. About Matt, we won’t be telling much about him since he’ll be evicted this week.

Anyway, stay tuned as this post will be updated until we find out who won Big Brother 12.

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