Who won Big Brother 2011? Winner of Season 13 Finale September 14, 2011

The winner of Big Brother 13 will be determined tonight, September 14, 2011. The season 13 finale will air beginning at 8:30pm, right after Survivor South Pacific Premiere. The first two rounds of the final HoH competition happened. But the third round will be live tonight. Rachel won the first part, Porsche won the second part. Who will win the third round? Both women plan to take each other to the final two so Adam’s chances to win are slim. Thus, it’s either Rachel or Porsche who will win Big Brother 2011.

The jury members are Brendon, Daniele, Jeff, Shelly, Jordan, Kalia and most like Adam. Who will they vote for to win Big Brother 2011? We’ll find out tonight, 9/15/11.

Now that Rachel will be in the final two, don’t you think she deserves to win? She’s the best player this season. However, it would be wiser for her if she take Adam with her to the final two but Porsche deserves the $50,000 than him.

Anyway, who would you think will the jury vote to win? Any opinions?

Live updates will be provided here. Find out who will be the Big Brother 2011 winner.

Update: Rachel wins Big Brother 2011; Jeff wins America’s vote;

Show on-going!

HoH part 1 showing Rachel winning it.

HoH part 2 shown with Porsche winning it.

HoH part 3 – Rachel vs Porsche

Rachel wins HoH part 3!

Rachel evicted Adam!

Rachel and Porsche in the final two!

Rachel and Porsche telling why they should win

Voting time – each jury casting their votes

Julie to announce the votes

Brendon voted Rachel

Daniele voted Porsche

Jeff voted Rachel

Shelly voted Rachel

Kalia voted Porsche

Jordan voted Rachel

Adam voted Porsche

30 thoughts on “Who won Big Brother 2011? Winner of Season 13 Finale September 14, 2011

  1. I agree Rachel deserves to win and it would be better for her to take Adam. Porsche could always win Americas vote for $100,000 if they do that this season.

  2. Don’t plan on watching anymore. I don’t think it is fair to bring back the old people, they have already had their chance at the money. I feel it was unfair to the newby’s.

  3. Ugh…Just as I predicted…Rachel in the Final 2…and winning Big Brother. CBS knows how to Jigger, and Rigg the show for the outcome that “they” wanted….Rachel wanted her Dream Wedding, so CBS made it possible. Ewwwww.

    Good Luck Rachel with Brendan, you certainly will need it with a Husband that likes to show his “Junk” on the internet. I give them under 5 years together….JMO

  4. Porche should have won, Rachel is a whiner and a Big cry baby. She only won because she whined and cried to stay in. And she has a nasty attitude. Brandon and her marriage will probably only last one year.

  5. Rachel should go back to school and learn to do something other than whine.
    America doesn’t need to her or the lap dog aka Brendo ever again.

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