Who won Big Brother 2012? Winner of Season 14 Finale September 19, 2012

So it’s Big Brother 2012 finale tonight. I totally forgot about it. So I didn’t make an early post about it. But anyway, here’s what happened tonight.

The final three house guests are Dan, Danielle and Ian. The final HoH competition comes in three rounds. The first round was won by Dan. The second round was won by Ian. The third round airs tonight. Whoever wins that round gets to decide who to take with him in the final two. Dan and Danielle’s plan to have Ian throw the third HoH competition didn’t work.

During the final HoH round. Ian wins! There are five rounds in the final HoH competition. During the first two rounds, both got it right. However, during the next three rounds, Ian got it right. Thus he gets to decide who to take with him. Here’s the result.


– Ian evicts Danielle



– Ian

– Dan


With this, the jury gets to vote who they want to win. Is it Ian or Dan? Here’s the voting history



Ashley – Ian

Britney – Ian

Frank – Ian

Joe – Ian

Jenn – Ian

Shane – Ian

Danielle – Dan


With that, Ian wins Big Brother 14!


If Dan won the final HoH, he would have taken Danielle with him and won.


Anyway, for this season’s America’s vote. Who wins?

– Frank wins America’s vote, getting the $25,000


What are your thoughts this season?

2 thoughts on “Who won Big Brother 2012? Winner of Season 14 Finale September 19, 2012

  1. I do like Ian and happy for him BUT Dan deserved the win. He played the game the hardest,made moves nobody else could, got blood on his hands and would have won if the jury wasn’t so darn bitter!!! I think Dan got robbed from the win and title.

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