Who Won Big Brother 2014 Winner of Season 16 Finale September 24, 2014

The much awaited Big Brother 2014 finale airs tonight! Starting from 9:30pm ET, which airs right after Survivor San Juan Del Sur premiere, we’ll get to see the final household competition and the jury segment. Who do you think will win this season? Is it Cody, Victoria or Derrick?

Caleb got evicted leaving Cody, Victoria and Derrick as the final three. Then, at the final HoH competition, Cody wins the first round, while Derrick wins the second round. Who will win the final round?

Victoria has a slim chance of getting into the final two, but she promised Derrick she’ll vote for him to win. Will she really vote for him?

Updates will be posted here during the show. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for tonight’s finale results.  The third round of the HoH competition will be posted. Find out who is the winner of Big Brother season 16 tonight.

Updates: Derrick wins Big Brother 16!


Final HoH round 3 winner – Cody

Final two – Cody and Derrick. He evicts Victoria



Jocasta votes Cody
Hayden votes Derrick
Zach votes Derrick
Donny votes Cody
Nicole votes Derrick
Christine votes Derrick
Frankie votes Derrick
Caleb votes Derrick
Victoria votes Derrick

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