Who won Hell’s Kitchen Season 7? Winner is Holli!

Hell’s Kitchen season 7 finale will be aired on August 10, 2010. The lovers will turn into rivals as Holli takes on Jay in the finale. Their former competitors are back to help. Are you excited to find out the Hell’s Kitchen season 7 winner on 8/10/10?

All hell breaks loose during the dinner service as the former contestants can’t learn new tricks. Benjamin will once again try to take over the kitchen and the two finalists will find out the having too many cooks in the kitchen can be a recipe for a disaster.

Who would you want to win the Hell’s Kitchen 7 finale? I would like Holli to win but Jay winning is also fine. How about you?

Stay tuned for the live updates as I try to bring you the results of who is the Hell’s Kitchen season 7 winner. Post will be updated on August 10, 2010.

Updates: Hell’s Kitchen season 7 winner is Holli!

Holli and Jay must make 5 dishes each within an hour.

Jay won the challenge

Dinner service time

Holly selected Autumn, Nilka and Siobhan

Jay selected Ben, Jason and Fran

Jay’s team started strong but at the middle of the service, Jason made an undercooked lamb and Jay was able to let it go.

Holly’s team has picked up the pace and delivered the appetizers in the dining room. Next is entrees. Nilka is having trouble with her meat.

Ben stepped up to help the Blue team.

Autumn insisting on working alone slowed down the team.

Dinner service is over. Time for the two to relax.

Holli and Jay were asked to go to each door. The one whose door will be opened is the winner.

Holli is the winner!

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