It’s MasterChef season 2 finale part 2 tonight, August 16, 2011. Who will be the winner between the final three contestants? It will be a two-hour episode, the first part being the semifinals and the second part being the finals. Who will make it to the final two? Who wins MasterChef 8/16/11? Results will be here.

Adrien Nieto, Jennifer Behm and Christian Collins are the three remaining contestants. Who among them do you think will be the two remaining contestants at the end of part 1? We are predicting the final two are Jennifer and Christian and the winner will be Christian. How about you? What is your prediction?

The winner of MasterChef will get a grand prize of $250,000 by the way. Will the winner be a guy this time?

Updates of the show will be provided. Find out who won MasterChef season 2 here.

Update: Jennifer wins MasterChef season 2!

Christian is pressured – scratched everything and started again

Judges liked Adrien’s entree

Christian next – Joe sliced Christian’s T-bone for him, Chef Ramsay said it’s not his best dish

Jennifer’s dish – liked by the judges too

In the finals are Adrien and Jennifer!