Who won MasterChef Season 3 Finale Winner September 10, 2012 Results 9/10/12

The winner of this season’s MasterChef will be chosen tonight. One of the final two is Josh, a 24-year old army contract specialist from Jackson, Mississippi. He was eliminated previously but given the chance to be back in the competition. They say guts and determination is what made him to go this far in the competition. Will he be able to get the MasterChef title?

The other one in the final two is Christine, a 32-year old creative writing student from Houston, Texas. From the start, she has captivated the chefs with her authentic Asian flavors and techniques. Not many believe she could make it this far. She has a good palette and instinct. Can she beat all the odds and be crowned the winner?

The winner will win $250,000, publish their very own cookbook and earn the title of MasterChef. The home cooks they have conquered will be there to cheer the final two on.

To make tonight’s finale more dramatic. The family of the contestants are they as well to support them.

Anyway, the pressure is on and Josh seem to be ruining one of his dishes, but according to him, he knows what he is doing. Will he be this season’s winner?

Who do you think will win? Is it Josh or Christine? Or none of the above?

The final two are going to prepare a three-course meal tonight. Which one will make the outstanding dish?

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Update: Christine wins MasterChef! Details will be posted later!

14 thoughts on “Who won MasterChef Season 3 Finale Winner September 10, 2012 Results 9/10/12

    • You can not serve undercooked food to the judges and not be penalized. From the beginning they both were competitive and determined. Josh knew when the judges told him the lobster was not cooked, he had made an error. Sometimes taking risks has consequesnces, and it pays to stay with what you know you can do well. Congrats to both and all the other constentants on the show.

  1. Thats soo true Christine was a good chef , but not as good as Josh they played the blind card and let her win because of her disability. I think this competition is based on individuality ,and Christine had help from someone the whole time!!! I know i sound like such a dick but how is she going to pursue her career as a cook in a restaurant WITHOUT help.

  2. You two f*ckin dummies…the winner gets money and writes a cookbook. Nothing about playing the disability card, she was just the most consistent throughout the series…and Josh became the arrogant d*ck. Too bad, who the hell cares who won…get a life! I got a life, tracking people like you LOL

  3. So proud of Christine . I know some one disagree ..but let think about it ..if you are not talent you could not do anything of blind ..and look what she did ..crown is on her already from begining of the competition …

  4. You need to get a life. The only help she received was to ask her helper what the noodlea looked likes. Josh receives the same help from the audience that the allowed in. Josh and Christine both did a great job, but Josh turned in a half cooked lobster and probably cost him the title. Think about what happened during the judging. They both did an awesome job and they deserve it.

  5. I think it was pretty clear that Josh outcooked Christine in the final. Christine definitely had a more cohesive menu, but she didn’t take any risks. I’m not sure that any of her dishes would be served in a fine dining restaurant. Maybe the porkbelly. Josh really took some risks and plated some beautiful looking food. His lobster was a little undercooked and that cost him. Something tells me that Christine was going to win no matter how they did in the final. There was definitely some network pressure on the judges to pick her as the winner. I’m a little bummed because I really wanted to buy Josh’s cookbook. He’s made some amazing dishes along a very broad spectrum and it would have been a great book. Christine, on the other hand, is a great story, but her cookbook will essentially be just Asian food. That’s not a terrible thing, but I don’t do too much Asian, maybe once a month or so. I feel like Josh’s book could have given me like 2 or 3 recipes a week because they were so varied.

  6. Josh was robbed, the title should have been his. What he prepared was creative and received high praise, minus the undercooked lobster which shouldn’t have been that big of a deal, certainly not a deal breaker. Christine was consistant throughout but her final dishes were to say the least dull.

  7. Network pressure? Where is the proof, if you do not have any proof then it is just an assumption. The three judges did their job. They judged the food. 1st dish, 2nd dish and finally the 3rd dish and at the end they decided the winner.

    The winner was the one that did not serve half cooked food. Let’s get real, at this level of the game there should be no mistakes in serving the food half cooked, no matter who served it. If you ate half cooked food in a restaurant and you got sick you would be suing the restaurant, would you not?

    The decision on what to make and served was important as well. Christina served a Light Salad, Heavy main dish and a light desert. Josh on the other end served a Heavy, Heavy and Heavy. That was also discussed during the judging time. Oh yea, besides serving the half cooked lobster. Josh also had a comment that his pecan pie was grease, i.e. the bacon fat was not rendered down all the way. So there was two strikes against him already. They loved his ice cream, but not the pie. Christine received a comment about her ice cream and that was only they had expected it to taste more lime in it.

    Josh and Christina overall did an excellent job and I believe the judges did an excellent job in making their decision. I am sure that they both will have an excellent career ahead of themselves and I am sure you will probably see a cook book by Josh in the near future just because of being on the show. Good luck to both of them.

  8. Josh did not deserve to win due to his errors on undercooking the lobster and an oily crust on his pie.

    Amazing how some people can take the time to criticize the impartiality of the judges and a blind person for winning a competition which is based on merit, not sympathy. Jealousy seems to be alive and well.

    Perhaps those who feel the need to taint the accomplishments of Christina should trade their eyesight with her for the title of Masterchef. I’m sure she would gladly accept.

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