The first winner of MasterChef will be revealed tonight during the finale. It will be a two-hour show once again but at the end, only one can be called the winner. Who do you think will win MasterChef season one which will be announced September 15, 2010?

After all the challanges and pressure tests, the four finalists has made it to the finale and they are Sheetal, Whitney, Lee and David. Who would think that Sharone, who have always won the challenges, will be sent home last week and who would think that David, whose output was always criticized will be in the finals?

Btw, the winner will get a $250,000 grand prize and a cookbook deal. So who do you think will be America’s Best Home Cook? Who would you want to win? We are guessing it will either be David or Whitney. How about you?

Please stay tuned to find out who won MasterChef if you cannot watch it on Fox TV. We’ll post updates here.


Semifinals begin – two dishes 1 hour, 1 winner. Whitney vs Lee

Whitney wins vs Lee and is in the finals. David is the other finalist.

Friends, former contestants get to taste the 6 dishes each finalist prepared.

The first MasterChef winner is Whitney!