Who Won So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Winner Season 7

Who won So You Think You Can Dance 2010? The winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 7 airing on August 12, 2010 I think would be Kent Boyd. He has a very strong following, which never put him in the bottom three ever. Aside from that, Boyd has really improved a lot from the beginning of the season and the judges think he’ll be the winner this season.

Lauren Froderman, in my opinion will fall in second though I very much want her to win. The girl is really a strong contender and she’s also the judges’ favorite, with Adam saying last week that he prayed for Lauren to be in the finale. The girl was in the bottom three only once so that’s a big thing she could fall in second.

Robert Roldan is definitely the dark horse for this season. He could dance any routine perfectly well and has been consistent from the beginning. He would fall in third place most probably due to not having the same following as Kent’s and Lauren’s.

Anyway, the results of SYTYCD season 7 finale will be revealed this Thursday, 8/12/10. Who do you think will the winner be? What do you think? Please bookmark this page for live updates of what is happening during the show. The one who who So You Think You Can Dance 2010, winner will be here.

Updates: Lauren Froderman wins So You Think You Can Dance Season 7! Kent Boyd is second place, Robert Roldan in third place.

Lauren and Pasha performing

Robert and Allison performing

Jose and Dominic performs

Robert falls in third place

Lauren and Twitch performs

Ellen DeGeneres danced with Twitch to the music of Outta Your Mind, impersonating Alex Wong.

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