Who Won So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Winner Season 8 Finale

Who won So You Think You Can Dance 2011? The winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 8 August 11, 2011 finale is … have any predictions? Is it quite fast that after a few weeks it’s already the finale? We do hope there will be two winners, a guy and a lady but that’s not going to happen. There will only be one winner of $250,000.

The judges’ favorite is Melanie, especially Nigel. We also asked you guys last week on who do you think will it be and your vote is Melanie, with Sasha in second place, followed by Marko in third place and Tadd last, We agree with the results of the poll. Melanie has never been in the bottom and same with Marko we think. Sasha got in danger only once and Tadd, well we can’t recall how many times.

Anyway, the results of SYTYCD season 8 finale will be revealed tonight in the two-hour finale episode. The votes will be tallied and revealed in between. Who do you think will the winner be? Updates during the show will be provided. The one who won So You Think You Can Dance 2011, winner 8/11/11 will be posted.

Update: Melanie Moore wins So You Think You Can Dance Season 8!

Tadd Gadduang – 4th place

Marko Germar – 3rd place

Sasha Mallory – 2nd place


Sasha & Kent performs

Melanie & Marko performs

Tadd & Lauren performs

Miranda & Robert performs

Melanie & Neil performs

Marko & Allison performs

Top 10 girls performs

Sasha & Twitch performs

Melanie & Marko performs

25 thoughts on “Who Won So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Winner Season 8 Finale

  1. Actually, Melanie won’t win even though obviously she is the best dancer. This is because the best person never gets voted for because every one always assumes that they don’t need the votes because everyone else will vote for them. Meanwhile, the people rooting for the underdog vote a TON assuming that Melanie’s fan club is doing the same. This results in the underdog’s victory.

  2. i think sasha sucks i dont like her one bit and i think melonie deserves it WAY…..more, plus she is awesome and a fantastic dancer

  3. uhm. i hope sasha wins.
    melanie isnt an all around good dancer…sorryy….
    I still wish caitlynn was on though<3
    But now that shes gone
    Im rooting for sasha<3

  4. Melanie is by far the best female dancer that show has ever had. Sasha is good but Melanie is perfection! So polished and skilled. Talent naturally flows out of her. Effortless. Congrats to Melanie!! Your Father would be so proud.

  5. America got it right, Melanie was amazing from day one Disco was not to good due to Marko having problems lifting her , she is all muscle not to light to lift but dances like she is dancing on air. Sasha was great also as the two boys but I loved Melanie from the first try out in front of the judges. I loved this years contestants and all the dances that they were given to perform. Hate that its over already.

  6. Omg, I LOVE MARKO! i’m sad he didn’t win. but I was stuck with melanie and marko. i kinda feel that the guys had to help the girls shine more than themselves. but to be really good, u gotta be good even when ur not in the spotlight all the time. congratz melanie!

  7. I was highly offended by the 50s housewives dance. I doubt you could find a 50s housewife that felt traped. Women in the 50s were free to spend their days as they wished, not strapped to a job plus family. My mom loved it and always said she was glad not to have had to continue her carrear once us kids were born. It is propaganda against family.

  8. I enjoy this show so much and enjoy watching all the tryouts and dancers….I think the top 4 are the best I have ever seen and glad to watch everyone gel like brothers and sisters….Congrats Melanie on winning but all of them are winners and only good things will come to all of them…
    love the show. and I know my Mom from Heaven is lovin it…she always loved to dance until the end

  9. Best season yet ! It was hard for me to say who was the best as the last 4 were excellent in each their own way. No matter , it was a win , win for this season . They were all phenomenal !

  10. congrats to melanie. i liked her but i was team sasha all the way. the girl is badd. n let me jus say to fox producers that not allowing sasha the same send off n chance to thank and say good bye (like tadd n marko) was foul. she desrved her time to shine. and even though she did not win, i have no doubt that she will do great

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