Who Won So You Think You Can Dance 2012 Winner Season 9 Finale

It’s So You Think You Can Dance season 10 finale tonight! I didn’t even notice how time flies. Is it just me, or you’ve noticed how the season has gone by fast? If the show is cancelled, will you miss it? If not, do you want the current one-week format, or prefer the old two nights a week format?

Anyway, the final four dancers are Chehon, Cyrus, Tiffany and Eliana. Among thousands who auditioned, only these four make it to the finals. Two of them, one guy and one girl will be this season’s winners. Will it be Chehon and Tiffany, Chehon and Eliana, Cyrus and Tiffany or Cyrus and Eliana? Among these four, Cyrus and Tiffany have never been included in the bottom list. Chehon got included twice while Eliana got included once. Could this mean America or rather, the judges wanted Cyrus and Tiffany to win?

Last week was their final performance night for America’s vote. Each of them a couple of times including a solo, with a dance partner and a group. All of them got rave reviews from the judges. Who did you vote for?

Tonight’s finale will still include final performances from the top 4, plus get to see this season’s top 20 dancers once again. Some of the judges’ favorite dance routines will be showcased tonight.

It’s not all about dancing though. Carly Rae Jepsen, whose hit single “Call Me Maybe” became viral, will be singing her newest single titled “The Kiss”.

For updates on the show tonight, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. The results of tonight’s season finale will be revealed. Any prediction on who will win?

Anyway, updates on the show will be provided. Find out who won So You Think You Can Dance 2012 tonight, September 18, 2012.

Update: Eliana and Chehon win So You Think You Can Dance!


Group routine by Christoper Scott and Sonya Tayeh…

Matthew and Audrey dance to “Unchained Melody”

Witney and Twitch dance to “My Homies Still”

Tiffany and George dance to “Turning Page”

Cole and Lindsey dance to “Unstoppable”

Eliana and Alex dance to “Bang Bang”

Tiffany and All Star Brandon dance to “You Make Me Feel”

Chehon and Anya dance to “Breathing Below Surface”

Cyrus, Comfort, Twitch and Christopher Scott dances to Hip Hop

Tiffany and Ade dance to “Power of Love”

Cyrus and Twitch perform to a dance choreographed by Christopher Scott

The top 10 and All Stars dance to “Circle of Life Remix”



The winners are Eliana and Chehon!

2 thoughts on “Who Won So You Think You Can Dance 2012 Winner Season 9 Finale

  1. Congrats to Eliana! So happy for her. Was rooting for her and Amelia and thought for sure they would be the final 2 girls. What a shame Amelia was eliminated so early. But way to go on winning Eliana! She’s a beautiful ballerina who can dance any style and she has so much personality too. Congrats Eliana!

  2. They simply can’t take “So You Think You Can Dance” off the air. In my opinion, that is the best reality show on tv. I love DWTS, but this is so much better because its real. All these other “reality” shows are either who’s cheating who, or who is the most devious liar!!! I mean come on, I hate almost all of the others it’s unreal. So please, if whoever is in charge of these shows is listening/reading this, don’t take these shows off the air. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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