Who Won So You Think You Can Dance 2015 Winner, Season 12 (9/14/15) Finale

It’s So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 Finale tonight! Who among the top 4 dancers will be this season’s winner? Will it be Jaja? Hailee? Gaby? Virgil?

Lots of performances tonight are in store for us viewers! Can’t wait to see your favorites once again?

Results will be posted here!


Top 10 and All Stars perform – “Archangel” by Two Steps From Hell

Jason’s Pick – Virgil and Joshua – Pharside and Phoenix

Paula’s Pick – Edson and Megz – Contemporary by Talia- You There by Aquilo

Paula’s Second Pick – Jaja and Ricky- Broadway by Al Blackstone

Cat’s Pick- Team Street- Hip Hop by Nappy Tabs

Twitch’s Pick – Gaby and Neptune – Choreo by Stacey Tookey

Nigel’s Pick – Little Phoenix and Cyrus

Hailee’s Pick – Hailee and Robert

Travis’s Pick – Gaby and Joshua – Choreo by Pharside and Phoenix

Jason’s Second Pick – Team Stage – “Beautiful Friends” by Helen Money

Virgil’s Pick – Virgil and Hailee – Choreo by Pharside and Phoenix

Nigel’s Second Pick – Jim and Alex – Choreo by Travis

4th place – Hailee (Team Stage)
3rd place – Virgil (Team Street)
2nd place – Jaja(Team Street)
Winner – Gaby (Team Stage)

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