Who won Top Chef Masters 2010? Top Chef Masters Season 2 Winner

Who won Top Chef Masters season 2?  Who among the final three chefs will be the next Top Chef Masters winner? We’ll get to find out soon in Top Chef Masters season 2 finale airing this Wednesday, June 9, 2010.

The final three are Marcus Samuelsson, Rick Moonen and Susur Lee.  Among them, Rick got the most amount of money won, winning $22,500 in all, followed by Susur with $20,000 and Marcus have $15,000.

In Top Chef Masters season 2 finale, they will be facing their final challenge and one of them will emerge as the second season winner of Top Chef Masters.  Who will win the $100,000 grand prize for his designated charity?  Who are you rooting for to be the Top Chef Masters season 2 winner?

The results will be posted here so please check back for it, thanks.

Update:  Marcus Samuelsson wins Top Chef Masters Season 2!  Congratulations!

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