Who won True Beauty Season 2? Winner is Taylor!

True Beauty season 2 finale will be aired on July 19, 2010.  The final test will have the final three contestants shoot a commercial for Las Vegas.  Those who will pass the test will go to the “hall of beauty”, where True Beauty season 2 winner will be revealed 7/19/10.

The final three are Craig Franczyk, Taylor Bills, Erika Othen.  If I am going to rank them, I could say the Erika have the biggest chance to be the winner.  She have the least number of failed tests and that was when the contestants performed “man-on-the-street” interviews with passers-by.  Erika, like all the girls, peeked in their envelopes containing the interview questions. Thus failing the hidden camera test.  Other than that, she has passed all the hidden camera test.  Second place could be Taylor since he failed the test twice, though I also want him to win.  Craig is the last on my list since I don’t really like his attitude aside from failing the most number of hidden camera challenges.

How about you?  Who do you think will win True Beauty finale? Stay tuned for the results of who is the True Beauty season 2 winner.  This post will be updated on July 19, 2010.

Updates:  Taylor is the True Beauty Winner! He gets $100,000 cash and his picture will be in People Magazine!

It’s decision time for the judges!  Here is what they think about the final three.

Erika – There’s very rare moment where you can fault Erika.  She’s so nice all the time.  She’s genuine on her feet

Taylor – So engaging, so amazing, Mr. personality with a temper.

Craig – He’s a good guy, he was the only one to comfort Liz when the rest turned against her.  He has well intention but he makes bad choices

The final three are called and told about the prize for the winner.  They are then asked about the actions they did the past eight weeks.

Third place – Craig

Second place – Erika

Winner – Taylor

11 thoughts on “Who won True Beauty Season 2? Winner is Taylor!

  1. Me too doesn’t want Craig to win. Taylor is okay for me to win too but I really thought the winner will be Erika.

  2. I think Erika deserve to win not Taylor. He was laughing at that poor girl at the bridal shop. Sooooooo insensitive!! Genuine inner beauty no way he is an as#*#%e. Erika from the beginning to the end showed she is beautiful inside n out.

  3. well i’m glad taylor won because since the beginning of the challenge i already voted for him to be the true beauty winner because he has the looks and he is also a good guy, despite of his mistakes he deserves to win! but congratulation for the winners!

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