X Factor December 5, 2012 Performance Show 12/5/12 Call Numbers

It’s weeks away before the X Factor 2012 finale and for tonight, the top 6 contestants will be singing once again for America’s vote. Who are you going to vote for tonight?

Each finalist will be performing two songs. The theme is Pepsi Challenge songs for their first song and it’s unplugged songs for their second performance. The Pepsi Challenge songs have been announced while the unplugged songs will be revealed on tonight’s episode.

Carly Rose Soneclar will be singing “If I Were a Boy” and she says she love this song and that it’s relatable to everybody. CeCe Frey will sing “Part of Me” and she feels the fans chose the song perfectly. Diamond White will sing “Diamonds” and she’s glad she finally get to perform it for her fans since many have been tweeting her to sing this song. Emblem3 will sing “Forever Young” and they feel this song doesn’t help as they feel like they already have enough trouble trying to separate themselves from One Direction and the famous group already have their own version of the song. Fifth Harmony will sing “Give Your Heart a Break” and the group says there’s always extra nerves when they’re singing the song in front of the person who sang it originally. Tate Stevens will sing “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and he’s really happy to be chosen this song and thinks it is kind of special.

Who do you think will be the best performer tonight?

Again, do vote for your favorite contestant so that they will be safe this week. You can vote many ways which includes toll-fee, text messaging and online voting via TheXFactorUSA.com and Facebook.com/TheXFactorUSA.

The X Factor top 6 12/5/12 voting numbers will be provided, as always. While waiting for it, follow us on twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. The song choices will also be posted.


The X Factor Top 6 Call Numbers
CeCe Frey – Demi Lovato – 1-855-THE-XF-01
Pepsi Challenge Song – “Part of Me”
Unplugged Song – “Edge of Glory”

Emblem3 – Simon Cowell – 1-855-THE-XF-02
Unplugged Song – “Edge of Glory”
Pepsi Challenge Song – “Part of Me”


Carly Rose Soneclar – Britney Spears – 1-855-THE-XF-03
Unplugged Song – “As Long As You Love Me”
Pepsi Challenge Song – “If I Were A Boy”


Fifth Harmony – Simon Cowell – 1-855-THE-XF-04
Unplugged Song – “Set Fire to the Rain”
Pepsi Challenge Song – “Give Your Heart A Break”


Diamond White – Britney Spears – 1-855-THE-XF-05
Unplugged Song – “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”
Pepsi Challenge Song – “Diamonds”


Tate Stevens – LA Reid 1-855-THE-XF-06
Unplugged Song – “Livin’ On a Prayer”
Pepsi Challenge Song – “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

6 thoughts on “X Factor December 5, 2012 Performance Show 12/5/12 Call Numbers

  1. Demi is so disrespectful to Simon. She’s such a brat. Hope she loses this gig and is replaced next season with someone who is not snarky. She can only hope to achieve Simon’s status in the music and television business.

  2. The judges are spending more time criticising each other than judging the performers. Constructive critisism should be used to help the performer. Again, Demi is so unprofessional, I hope she does not return next season.

  3. I agree i cant stand Demi acts so childish and she really has no clue how to comment just likes to be a smart ass..replace her next season i think half the reason the show went so fast having double eliminations was because Simon couldnt wait to see the ack of Demi shes useless on that show

  4. If I were Embelm3 , I would be more concerned about what gets me votes rather than originality at this point. Singing their own music would be suicide unless it is so fantastic it is the best thing since bread was invented. I don’t think they have a chance anyway since they can’t sing well. I’m still rooting for Carly to win but my DISH coworker is rooting for Tate. I like to talk about The X Factor results on the way to work when I pick him up, so I catch the show while I’m getting ready for work so I know what happened. It is so convenient to watch in my bedroom, pause the show and pick up in the kitchen, then do the same in every other room of the house because I have a DISH Hopper Multi-Room HD DVR. That allows me to have the freedom to make my TV watching fit my lifestyle and I get to watch TV more often.

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