X Factor November 14, 2012 Performance Show 11/14/12 Call Numbers

It’s Divas week in the X Factor 2012 and tonight, the top 12 will take the stage to try to impress the judges and get America’s vote. What could be in store for us viewers aside from the overwhelming production numbers?

The top 12 finalists are Arin Ray, Beatrice Miler, Carly Rose, Diamond White, Emblem3, Fifth Harmony, Jennel Garcia, Lyric 145, Paige Thomas, Tate Stevens and Vino Alan. I wonder how the other contestants, especially the boys will fare for tonight’s Diva theme?

Anyway, the contestants spill some Diva week secrets. Arin Ray will be singing a slower song tonight, without much dancers onstage. Beatrice is nervous since she’s not really into modern divas. Carly Rose says it’s still her style and love her song for tonight. CeCe Frey says her performance is completely different tonight and might take some of Simon’s advice. Diamond White says her performance is a bit upbeat that she gets to move a bit more, but no dancers onstage.

Emblem3 had a hard time choosing the song. I wonder what have they chosen? Fifth Harmony chose a powerhouse ballad song and the group is excited about it. Jennel Garcia sings a more upbeat and fun song. Lyric145 will be adding their own lyrics to the song they are going to perform.

Paige Thomas says we’ll see more of her fun side on her performance tonight. Tate Stevens says this week’s theme is tough for him. How will he fare? Vino Alan says he love this week’s song.

Find out tonight who deserves your vote. Don’t forget that voting begins right after the show. You can vote many ways, including toll-free call and text messaging, via TheXFactorUSA.com and via Facebook.com/TheXFactorUSA.

Again, the X Factor top 12 11/14/12 voting numbers will be posted here, including the song choices of each contestants. Follow us on twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for updates on tonight’s performance show.

The X Factor Top 12 Call Numbers

Jennel Garcia – Demi Lovato – “Proud Mary”
1-855-THE-XF-01 or 1-855-843-9301

Tate Stevens – LA Reid – “From This Moment”
1-855-THE-XF-02 or 1-855-843-9302

Diamond White – Britney Spears – “Halo”
1-855-THE-XF-03 or 1-855-843-9303

Beatrice Miller – Britney Spears – “Time After Time”
1-855-THE-XF-04 or 1-855-843-9304

Lyric145 – Simon Cowell – “We Will Rock You”
1-855-THE-XF-05 or 1-855-843-9305

Arin Ray – Britney Spears – “Crazy For You”
1-855-THE-XF-06 or 1-855-843-9306

Paige Thomas – Demi Lovato – “Last Dance”
1-855-THE-XF-07 or 1-855-843-9307

Fifth Harmony – Simon Cowell – “Hero”
1-855-THE-XF-08 or 1-855-843-9308

Carly Rose – Britney Spears – “My Heart Will Go On”
1-855-THE-XF-09 or 1-855-843-9309

Vino Alan – LA Reid – “Let’s Stay Together”
1-855-THE-XF-10 or 1-855-843-9310

Emblem3 – Simon Cowell – “No One”
1-855-THE-XF-11 or 1-855-843-9311

CeCe Frey – Demi Lovato – “All By Myself”
1-855-THE-XF-12 or 1-855-843-9312


2 thoughts on “X Factor November 14, 2012 Performance Show 11/14/12 Call Numbers

  1. Poor Arin Ray; he did so terrible again. I doubt he will be on the show much longer which is a shame because he is such a likable kid. CeCe did poorly as well so I don’t expect either of them to stick around. We’ll find out tonight so I hope there isn’t an upset with someone more talented exiting the show. My DISH coworker loves this show like I do too and he’s always asking me about what I thought of the recent show. I like TV a lot more now though since I get more TV rather than commercials with Auto Hop from DISH Network. Don’t get me wrong, some of them can be quite funny, but when I watch commercial free because Auto Hop automatically skips the commercials from the beginning of the show, I can fit in another show that evening.

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