X Factor November 16, 2011 Performance Show 11/16/11 Call Numbers

The top 10 finalists perform tonight in The X Factor November 16, 2011 performance show from 8pm to 10pm on Fox. Who are you looking forward to sing tonight? Will there be someone worth giving a big standing O? Who are you going to vote for?

Supposedly, it’s Lady Gaga and Madonna week this week, but Simon Cowell changed his mind because of Astro. He thinks doing songs by these two great singers will be restrictive for Astro. Thus, he changed the theme to Rock. It would have been nice to hear Drew sing a Lady Gaga song and Melanie sing a Madonna song, isn’t it?

For some singers, rock is way out of their genre, especially the girls and some from the over 30s. Some are nervous while some are excited. How will they fare singing a rock song? Who will stand out tonight? Will it be LeRoy Bell, Chris Rene or Marcus McCanty’s night?

All mentors have their teams still intact, while Paula only have one left. In a way, it’s good news for Lakoda Rayne since Paula’s got more time to mentor them. The girl group must do their very best to perform well and get great feedback from the judges. They must also get America to vote for them.

You can vote for your favorite acts via Twitter, Facebook, Android, phone, text and the show’s official site. Follow us on twitter by clicking the twitter icon located at the upper right section of this site for numbers you can use to vote. We’ll provide The X Factor 11/16/11 call and text numbers to vote as well as song choices of the top 10 performers.

The X Factor Top 10 Call Numbers

LeRoy Bell – “We’ve Got Tonight” – 1 855 843 9301 or Text VOTE to 9301

Rachel Crow – “Satisfaction” – 1 855 843 9302 or Text VOTE to 9302

Chris Rene – “No Woman, No Cry” – 1 855 843 9303 or Text VOTE to 9303

Stacy Francis – “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” – 1 855 843 9304 or Text VOTE to 9304

Melanie Amaro – “Everybody Hurts” – 1 855 843 9305 or Text VOTE to 9305

Josh Krajcik – “The Pretender” – 1 855 843 9306 or Text VOTE to 9306

Astro – “I’ll Be Missing You” – 1 855 843 9307 or Text VOTE to 9307

Lakoda Rayne – “Go Your Own Way” – 1 855 843 9308 or Text VOTE to 9308

Drew – “With Or Without You” – 1 855 843 9309 or Text VOTE to 9309

Marcus McCanty – “Piece of My Heart” – 1 855 843 9310 or Text VOTE to 9310


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