X Factor November 22, 2011 Performance Show 11/22/11 Call Numbers

The X Factor will have a shift in the schedule this week because of Thanksgiving. The performance show airs tonight, November 22, 2011, a day ahead of schedule. Airing from 8pm to 10pm ET, the top 9 contestants take the stage and sing for America’s vote once again. Who are you excited to see perform tonight?

This week’s theme is Thanksgiving related – “Giving Thanks”. For sure the contestants are very thankful for being included in the the show, but what are the song choices for tonight? Will most of them pick their own songs or they will leave it up to their mentors for the song they are going to perform tonight?

Last week, only one or two contestants really perform a song suited on what the theme is. Will it happen again tonight? The competition gets tough so for sure the contestants are pressured to do better each week.

Astro needs to really do well tonight for him to get lots of votes and stay in the competition. But will his performance be affected from what happened last week? Who will be the best performer tonight? Who will perform better this week than last week?

Again, voting begins as soon as the performance show ends and there are five ways you can do to vote – the usual text messaging and toll-free calling, Twitter, Facebook, Verizon Touch Voting on The Xtra Factor App on Verizon Android devices and online at TheXFactorUSA.com. You can do all of it or whichever method suits you the most. Vote for your favorite act tonight for them to remain in the competition.

Follow us on twitter to find out what are The X Factor 11/22/11 call and text numbers you can use to vote. We will also post the song choices of the top 9 performers during the show.

The X Factor Top 9 Call Numbers

Rachel Crow – “I Believe” – 1 855 843 9301 or Text VOTE to 9301

Marcus McCanty – “A Song for Mama” – 1 855 843 9302 or Text VOTE to 9302

Melanie Amaro – “The World’s Greatest” – 1 855 843 9303 or Text VOTE to 9303

Chris Rene – “Let It Be / Young Homie” –  1 855 843 9304 or Text VOTE to 9304

Lakoda Rayne – “You Belong With Me” – 1 855 843 9305 or Text VOTE to 9305

LeRoy Bell – “Angel” – 1 855 843 9306 or Text VOTE to 9306

Astro – “Show Me What You Got” – 1 855 843 9307 or Text VOTE to 9307

Drew – “Skyscraper” – 1 855 843 9308 or Text VOTE to 9308

Josh Krajcik – “Wild Horse” – 1 855 843 9309 or Text VOTE to 9309

28 thoughts on “X Factor November 22, 2011 Performance Show 11/22/11 Call Numbers

  1. Plz, plz, pretty plz send Drew home! She sucks so bad. It’s clear the show turns the background singers up to drown out her sucky off-key cracking crap voice.
    The judges only support her cause she’s marketable, but she can’t sing! Come on judges, get some balls.

  2. After what he did last week Astro should try it on his own.he has been on long enough to go and get work if they have patience for his attitude but not good enough for x factor.SORRY

  3. if astro isnt kicked for that attitude i say simion should change the show. That was so messed up and hell get work for being on show he doesnt deserve xfactor the others do.

  4. I missed the last 10 minutes of the show tonight because my four year old son woke up. What did I miss? Will someone please fill me in? Thanks.

  5. Why is Astro still on the show?? He should have been gone a long time ago. From the start he acted like he was better then everyone else, (example) when he didn’t want to practice the dance moves with the others. He acts like he already won. Adam is right when he said Astro is a rude, stuck up self obsessed brat! Its a shame that the incorrect person was sent home last week instead of Astro because she is very talented, humble and damn the woman can really sing! All he does is scream (rapp) he can’t even sign. He’s got a big chip on his shoulders & its time to go home. Besides if he got kicked off the show his mentor would probably work with him & they would make a lot of money toghether.

  6. Astor mom said the reason he acted the way he did was because he felt scared and alone. Then that show how immature he really is. Didnt no one else act like him and if they did they would have haad people talking about them. He is not stupid the only reason he said that he was sorry was because he was told to. Anyone could tell that the way he said it. Heartless no compassion. He need to go home until he learns the meaning of respect and humility. Age dont excuse his disrespect look at rachel crow.

  7. Has Simion gone soft?? I don’t understand why Simion didn’t kick off Astro last week after he kept being rude. He went on stage tonight & said he was sorry to his Astro fans. But he didn’t say sorry to the judges & to all the other fans watching. Heck, he should’ve said sorry to the other contestants because his actions last week was rude to them as well. By saying sorry only to his Astro fans he showed that he didn’t mean his apology (he was prob told to do it) & he only cares about himself. Astro showed his true colors last week & this week!

  8. Get rid of Astro, he cant sing at all. Rappers are a dime a dozen and just goes to show you, Americas vote doesnt really count. The bottom vote getter should be gone and no saves from any of the judges. Why do they have a say so anyway?

  9. Astro should stay cause he can rap really good and btw he has #SWAG… Drew need to go home really bad so does lakota range or sumthin like that… REASON: They sound lik crap their of beat in every song i honestly dont know why both of them are still on the show #REALTALK

  10. Arly your so wrong Astro does not act like he is the best he is just confident of himself which he should be… yall just hatin cause yall like them sorry people like for example DREW i mean she sung Demi Lovato song last nite and Drew to me cant sing but she sung that song in a low pitch wich is not her level she sings pretty much medium and high pitch thats what messed her up plus she cant SING

  11. Well 2 ppl hav to go home and i would basicallypick to go home is DREW AND LAKOTA RANGE ~think thts their name~ because the rest are pretty gud espcially ASTRO….. GO ASTRO #SWAG

  12. ASTRO…ASTRO…ASTRO…NEEDS TO WIN..even if he dnt win he gunna get signed by sumbody REASON: he brought GREAT talent to the plate and ppl in my prospective should giv him a chance cause he can be really successful ~Quote from me an 11 yr old 🙂

  13. Okay last comment?! So yeah im 11 wat suka… <.< okay well i dnt think all yuh HATERS should be hatin on astro i mean put your feet in his shoes? lol ok yeah and just think he writes a rap everyday just to try to impress AMERICA and you guys put him in the bottom 2 i would be pretty pissed off.. now how would you react
    A:act like Astro
    B:act like everything was fine and its ok?
    C:act like paula wen the stero hawks went home
    i would pik A but its wateva #REALTALK

  14. okay last comment really but Arly i guess you dnt noe dis but umm i hate to tell yuh this…ASTRO IS A RAPPER NOT A SINGER WEN HAV YUH EVER HEARD HIM SING… IM SRRY BUT WAT YUH SAID WAS JUST DUMB

  15. all you atsro haters need to fall back! that litttle boy is VERY TALENTED ! ASTRO SHOULD WIN HE WRITES HIS OWN SONGS EVERY WEEK , WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, ! Astro has the whole package , ! you people kill me , just hate to hate you cant say anything else but he had a damn attitude , shutup , everyone get attitudes so stay off that attitude stuff !

  16. astro is the best to me im not sayn that just to be racis but why would people not like him because he rap hes not stuck up and rude he was upset at that time you dont know what was going on everyone had their momets if anyone need t go it will be drew and lakata rain dey are not even that good once they get eliminated it will be a rough competition because the rest of the acts have something called talend #TEAM ASTRO chicago baby

  17. Drew needs to go home she slows down every song cuz she can’t sing high notes….she can’t sing period ….she’s their outa luck…please america send her home!!!!!….rachel is amazing

  18. Astro just chants words to music with no musical talent. The sound irritaes me. He should never have made it this far and his precocious narcissistic attitude confirms it.

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