X Factor November 7, 2012 Performance Show 11/7/12 Call Numbers

The top 12 will take the stage tonight in the X Factor season 2. Their fate now lies in America’s hands. Last week, the live show began, but it’s the judges who made the decision on who made the cut. However, beginning tonight, the viewers will be voting for their favorite contestants. Who’s your favorite? Is it from the groups, the over 25s, the teens or the young adults?

The theme for tonight has yet to be announced. We’ll find out tonight what it is and what their mentor’s choices are. It will be interesting to find out if the right song choice is selected.

Meanwhile, voting begins after the top 12 takes the stage. There are many ways to vote including toll-free calling, text messaging for Verizon Wireless customers, Verizon Touch Voting on Verizon Android devices via The Xtra Factor App, online via TheXFactorUSA.com website and via Facebook.com/TheXFactorUSA. You can do all of it or whichever method suits you the most.

For those who are going to vote via phone, the X Factor top 12 voting numbers will be posted, as well as some other updates on the show. Follow us on twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for updates. The songs of the top 12 contestants will be posted alongside the X Factor 11/7/12 call and text numbers.

The X Factor Top 12 Call Numbers

Arin Ray – Britney Spears – “American Boy”
1-855-THE-XF-01 or 1-855-843-9301


Paige Thomas – Demi Lovato – “Take My Breath Away”
1-855-THE-XF-02 or 1-855-843-9302


Vino Alan – LA Reid – “When a Man Loves a Woman”
1-855-THE-XF-03 or 1-855-843-9303


Emblem3 – Simon Cowell – “My Girl/California Girls”
1-855-THE-XF-04 or 1-855-843-9304


Beatrice Miller – Britney Spears – “Iris”
1-855-THE-XF-05 or 1-855-843-9305


Jennel Garcia – Demi Lovato – “I Love Rock n Roll”
1-855-THE-XF-06 or 1-855-843-9306


Tate Stevens – LA Reid – “Dead or Alive”
1-855-THE-XF-07 or 1-855-843-9307


Lyric145 – Simon Cowell – “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”
1-855-THE-XF-08 or 1-855-843-9308


Diamond White – Britney Spears – “I Have Nothing”
1-855-THE-XF-09 or 1-855-843-9309


CeCe Frey – Demi Lovato – “Eye of the Tiger”
1-855-THE-XF-10 or 1-855-843-9310


Carly Rose – Britney Spears – “It Will Rain”
1-855-THE-XF-11 or 1-855-843-9311


Jason Brock – LA Reid – “I Believe I Can Fly”
1-855-THE-XF-12 or 1-855-843-9312

Fifth Harmony – Simon Cowell – “A Thousand Years”
1-855-THE-XF-13 or 1-855-843-9313


One thought on “X Factor November 7, 2012 Performance Show 11/7/12 Call Numbers

  1. The X Factor Top 12 easy to pick who goes home hard to pick who wins but my top chocies are:

    Jennel Garcia
    Paige Thomas
    Beatrice Miller

    Lyric145 – Needs to be more real, more street.
    1432 – can go, except the one that looks like Byonce.
    Carly Rose – great voice, no amazing charisma or charm
    Emblem 3 – I’ve seen that band a million times before.
    And the rest are just lost causes…

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