X Factor October 12, 2011 Judges’ House Part 1 10/12/11

The X Factor USA Judges’ House begins tonight, October 12, 2011. It’s next phase in the competition as the top 32 contestants are split into four groups and go to four different locations with one of each judge as their mentor. More training and rehearsals for the contestants before they perform in front of these judges. Who are you looking forward to see again tonight?

Rihanna will be the guest mentor to help LA Reid choose his finalists while it’s Mariah Carey for Simon Cowell’s team. No news yet on who the mentors are for Paul Abdul and Nicloe Scherzinger’s team.

Anyway, follow us on twitter to get the latest updates on the show. Find out who will stand out among each team and who will blend in with their teammates on the X Factor USA 10/12/11 Judges’ House part 1.

Update: X Factor USA’s episode for tonight is cancelled due the ALCS championship game being delayed because of the rain. The episode for tonight airs tomorrow and the episode for Thursday airs Sunday (if there’s no baseball game).


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