X Factor October 18, 2011 Top 16 Acts 10/18/11

The X Factor USA airs at a special time tonight, October 18, 2011. Airing at 8pm ET, all of the top 32 acts have performed, so now, the judges and their guest mentors have to decide who will they bring to the live shows. Are you excited to find out who will make it?

Only half will remain so expect a lot of drama tonight. Who will be able to make it to the live shows and continue their quest of a $5 million recording contract with Syco and Sony Music?

Anyway, follow us on twitter,and get the latest updates on the show. Will provide the X Factor 10/18/11 top 16 finalists if revealed tonight.


After the Rachel Crow completed the final four. Simon had a talk with the other judges and said he made a mistake. He then went to Florida at Melanie’s house and told her she goes through. Thus, it’s top 17 and not top 16.


Top 17 Acts

GIRLS (Simon Cowell)

– Simone Battle

– Drew Ryniewicz

– Tiah Tolliver

– Rachel Crow

– Melanie Amaro



OVER 30s (Nicole Scherzinger)

– Josh Krajcik

– Dexter Haygood

– Leroy Bell

– Stacy Francis



GROUPS (Paula Abdul)

– The Brewer Boys

– InTENsity

– Lakoda Raine

– The Stereo Hogzz


BOYS (LA Reid)

– Brian Bradley

– Phillip Lomax

– Chris Rene

– Marcus Canty



Girls – Tora Woloshin, Jazzlyn Little, Caitlin Kock

Boys – Skyelor Anderson, Nick Voss, Brennin Hunt, Tim Cifers

Groups – 2 Squard, Illusion Confusion, The Anser, 4 Shore

Over 30s – Christa Collins, James Kenny, Tiger Budbill, Elaine Gibbs


11 thoughts on “X Factor October 18, 2011 Top 16 Acts 10/18/11

  1. These are AWFUL choices. SO BAD! The best category is the groups, which is pretty freakin’ sad! Girls is the worst with boys as a close second. WTF

  2. I think that Melanie and Stacey have the best pure voices on the show. Drew has an amazing tone to her voice. Chris sung an awesome contemporary song that he wrote and produced at his audition. That song would be a radio hit right now. Jazzlyn and Elaine should have made it as well instead of some of the ones that got in.

  3. Dexter, Stacy, Tirah, “Astro”? Really? If it wasn’t for them bringing Melanie back [and keeping Rachel!], I wouldn’t keep watching. The groups category might as well be competing for “The Next Disney Channel Star”!

  4. Except for Simone I like Simon’s group. I would have put Jazzlyn in over her. IMO Rachel is the one who could take it all. Pure voice, great tone and just wow.

    I agree with all of LA’s choices. He has his finger on what is hot and what is current.

    Paula blew it cutting The Answer. Dislike all of her picks except the Brewer Boys. They are current.

    Nicole is a nit wit IMO. Dexter and LeRoy REALLY? Dexter can’t sing and he only can impersonate others. LeRoy is a dime a dozen. Stacy really? Her only hope is Josh who is exceptional. She should have picked Christa who reminds me of a fresh and updated Cindi Lauper, James and maybe Stacy or Elaine.

    Biggest Mistakes
    Cutting Jazzlyn, Christa, The Answer IMO

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