X Factor October 2, 2013 Results 10/2/13 & (Top 16 Spoilers)

The four-chair challenge begins tonight in The X Factor season 3! This is what’s new this season since the bootcamp and the judges’ houses rounds of the competition were removed.

The first batch of the contestants tonight for this challenge include the girls and over 25s. The contestants who will impress the judges will be given a chair but they can be replaced by a better contestant as chosen by the judges. Only four from this batch will make it to the live performance rounds.

Do you prefer this drama than the bootcamp and the judges’ houses rounds?

Anyway, just as the top 40 were chosen last week, there’s a spoiler available already on who made it to the top 16. Relisting it from small screen scoop, the X Factor 2013 top 16 are:

Girls (Demi Lovato) – Danie Geimer, Ellona Rano Santiago, Khaya Cohen, Rion Paige Thompson

Boys (Paulina Rubio) – Carlito Olivero, Carlos Guevara, Josh Levi, Tim Olstad

Groups (Simon Cowell) – Alex & Sierra, Restless Road (boy group which consists or eliminated individuals), Roxxy Montana, Sweet Suspense (girl group assembled by Simon)

Over 25s (Kelly Rowland) – James Kenney, Jeffery Adam Gutt, Lillie McCloud, Rachel Potter

We’ll confirm it during the show whether the list is accurate. But for now, you guys have already an idea whether your favorites made it or not.

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Victoria Carriger – “To Make You Feel My Love” – She takes the seat Got sent home

Kristine Mirelle – “Oops I Did It Again” – She takes the seat.  Got sent home

Jeff Gutt – “Amazing Grace” – He takes the seat

Rachel Potter – She takes the seat as well. Kelly keeps her.

Lorie Moore – “I’ll Make Love To You” – She takes the seat and Kristine Mirelle got sent home. Got sent home

Allison Davis – “Tik Tok” – She got sent home

Jeff Brinkman – “Without You” – He takes a seat, replacing Victoria Carriger.  He got sent home.

Denny Smith – “Wait Till the Midnight Hour” – He got sent home

James Kenney – “Lean on Me” – He takes the seat, replacing Jeff Brinkman

Lillie McCloud – “A House Is Not A Name” –  She takes the seat, replacing Lorie Moore



1. Jeff Gutt

2. Rachel Potter

3. James Kenny

4. Lillie McCloud



1. Kristine Mirelle

2. Allison Davis

3. Victoria Carriger

4. Denny Smith

5. Jeff Brinkman

6. Lorie Moore



1. Bree Randall – “Glad You Came” – She takes the seat

2. Khaya Cohen – “Locked Out of Heaven” – She takes the seat

3. Jamie Pineda – “Don’t Speak” – She takes the seat

4. Ashly Williams – “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” – She takes the seat



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