X Factor October 29, 2013 Top 12 Announced 10/29/13

The X Factor 2013 is back tonight! Well, at least for this week, it airs Tuesday and Thursday. For tonight, we’ll get to see the top 16 acts perform live for the first time. These acts survived the auditions and the four-chair challenge round and they will sing live tonight to impress the judges so that they can move on to the next round.

The Over 25s are Jeff Gutt, Rachel Potter, James Kenney and Lillie McCloud.

The Girls are Danie Geimer, Khaya Cohen, Rion Paige and Ellona Santiago.

The Boys are Carlos Guevarra, Tim Olstad, Carlito Olivero and Josh Levi.

The Groups are Restless Road, Sweet Suspense, Alex & Sierra and Roxxy Montana.

These contestants have gone off to a training camp to prepare them for the live rounds. However, only 12 acts will make it with one act from each group will be eliminated.

Who will the judges choose to go to the live rounds?

Note that the episode on Thursday is about meeting the top 12 while voting begins next week.

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1. Ellona Santiago – “Til the World Ends”

2. Danie Geimer – “Wrecking Ball” – ELIMINATED

3. Rion Paige – “Skyscraper”

4. Kayah Cohen – “Mercy”

5. Josh Levi – “Only Girl” – ELIMINATED

6. Carlos Guevara – “Don’t You Worry Child”

7. Carlito Olivero – “Maria, Maria”

.8. Tim Olstad – “Always”

9. Lillie McCloud – “When A Man Loves A Woman”

10. Jeff Gutt – “Try”

11. Rachel Potter – “I Hope You Dance”

12. James Kenney – “Red” – ELIMINATED

13. Roxxy Montana – “Royals” – ELIMINATED

14. Sweet Suspense – “I Don’t Care”

15. Alex and Sierra – “Blurred Lines”

16. Restless Road – “Roar”


X FACTOR 2013 TOP 12

1. Ellona Santiago

2. Rion Paige

3. Khaya Cohen

4, Carlito Olivero

5. Carlos Guevara

6. Tim Olstad

7. Rachel Potter

8. Jeff Gutt

9. Lillie McCloud

10. Restless Road

11. Alex and Sierra

12. Sweet Suspense



1. Danie Geimer

2. Josh Levi

3. James Kenney

4. Roxxy Montana

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