X Factor October 3, 2013 Four-Chair Challenge Results 10/3/13

The second part of the four-chair challenge airs tonight on the X Factor season 3. The show continues from last night, in which Demi Lovato’s team performs. Who’s going to make it form her team?

Kelly Rowland was able to pick her four finalists – Rachel Potter, Jeff Gutt, James Kenny and Lillie McCloud while only four from Demi Lovato’s team were able to perform.

So far, the first four girls who performed were asked to seat on the chair – Bree Randall, Khaya Cohen, Jamie Pineda and Ashly Williams. We’ll find out tonight whether they stay there or they got replaced by other contestants.

Who’s your favorites from Demi Lovato’s team? After Demi’s team is either Paulina or Simon’s team. Find out who made it as well. There spoilers of the X Factor top 16 already available and so far, it’s correct based from who made it from Kelly’s team. Find out if it’s the same for Demi’s team as well.

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1. Bree Randall – “Glad You Came” – She takes the seat – Got sent home

2. Khaya Cohen – “Locked Out of Heaven” – She takes the seat

3. Jamie Pineda – “Don’t Speak” – She takes the seat – Got sent home!

4. Ashly Williams – “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” – She takes the seat – Got sent home!



5. Simone Torres – “A Change Is Gonna Come” – She takes the seat, replacing Bree Randall – Got sent home!

6. Danielle Geimer – “Georgia On My Mind” – She takes the seat, replacing Simone Torres

7. Riley Brown – “Angels” – She got sent home!

8. Primrose Martin – “Blame It On the Boogie” – She got sent home!

9. Rion Paige – “I Won’t Let Go” – She takes the seat, replacing Ashly Williams!

10, Ellona Santiago – “Clarity” – She takes the seat, replacing Jamie Pineda!



1. Khaya Cohen

2. Danielle Geimer

3. Rion Paige

4. Ellona Santiago



1. Bree Randall

2. Simone Torres

3. Riley Brown

4. Primrose Martin

5 thoughts on “X Factor October 3, 2013 Four-Chair Challenge Results 10/3/13

  1. Is it just me or have most of the contestants the last two nights been sharp or flat? And who chose their songs? They were mostly awful. Is there a vocal coach who is not doing their job?

  2. That’s what I want to know to. I saw one of the over 25’s tweet that they did the best the could with the song they were given. One of my favorites was Simone Torres, but to me if she didn’t pick her song(which was poor choice), she was set up to be cut.

  3. I cannot believe that Demi Lovato let Ashly Williams go! Anyone that could sing “I will always love you” like Whitney Houston should have been kept! Demi needs hearing aids. She kept girls 13 and 15 years old, that have so much time ahead of them to reach their dreams to become professional performers. It is truly a shame that just because her song choice didn’t blow them way after her first performance, which was so moving and awesome, doesn’t mean that she isn’t star quality! I HATE the four chair method, It doesn’t work! Demi was so flustered, she just was doing an eeny meeny miny moe, you’re out. I am through watching the x factor, which was my favorite show. Simon should have rescued Ashly Williams.

  4. Ashly Williams was robbed of her rightful place in one of the four chairs…which is a terrible method of judging! Demi Lovato let a 13 year-old and a 16 year-old , remain. They were good, but neither of them could have performed “I will always love you” like Ashly Williams did. They have so much time ahead of them to reach their dreams. Just because Ashly’s second song didn’t impress them as much as her first performance, which blew everyone away, she should not have been eliminated. I blame the dumb 4-chair method, which stinks! Demi was so flustered, she held her head saying. “what do I do?” She might as well said, “eenie meenie minie moe…Ashly, you’re out,” I will no longer watch the x factor, which was my favorite show!!!

  5. Demi Lavato should have been kick of the show for cutting her only chance to win. Ashley Williams was the “BEST SINGER ON THE X FACTOR”!!!!!!! Simon knew this.Now simon and kelly has a chance to WIN. Paulina Rubio and Demi has no one that can complete with Kelley pick Lillie McCloud. Lillie has good chance to win.

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