X Factor October 31, 2012 Live Show 10/31/12

It’s the first live show of the X Factor season 2 tonight! After a confusing schedule due to the World Series, we’ll get to see the top 16 perform live for the first time this season. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but Fox has decided to move the live show tonight since the World Series ended early. Are you excited to see your favorite artists perform? Who are you looking forward to see tonight?

The mentors have four finalists each. Britney Spears have Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose, Diamond White and Arin Ray. Demi Lovato have Jenner Garcia, Cece Frey, Willie Jones and Paige Thomas. LA Reid have Tate Stevens, David Correy, Jason Brock and Vino Alan. Simon Cowell have Sister C, Lyric 145, Emblem 3 and Lylas.

These 16 contestants will take the stage live for the first time and try to impress the judges. Tomorrow night, they will be trimmed down to 12. Take note that no voting will happen yet. It’s the judges who’ll decide who they want to send home. Voting for your favorites begins next week.

Anyway, it’s also the first time we’ll see the new hosts Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian Odom. Will they do well tonight? What do you think of these two on stage? Are you excited or hoped Steve Jones is back?

I’m excited to post updates on the show beginning tonight, because it’s the live show already! If you haven’t done yet, follow this site on Twitter, on Google Plus or like the page on Facebook for updates and results. The songs of the top 16 contestants will be posted as well as some important updates tonight, in the X Factor’s October 31, 2012 live show.


Paige Thomas – “What Is Love” – Haddaway

Arin Ray – “Keep Me Hanging On” – The Supremes

David Correy – “My Love is Your Love” – Whitney Houston

Sister C – “Hell on Heels” – Pistol Annies

Jennel Garcia – “Home Sweet Home” – Motley Crue

Diamond White – “Hey Soul Sister” – Train

Vino Alan – “Gotta Love Somebody” – Nickelback

Lyric 145 – “Boom! Shake the Room” / “Gangnam Style”

Cece Frey – “Because the Night”

Tate Stevens – “Tough”

Beatrice Miller – “I Won’t Give Up”

Jason Brock – “Dance Again”

1432 (formerly Lylas) – “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

Willie Jones – “Here for the Party”

Carly Rose – “Good Feeling” / “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”

Emblem3 – “One Day”

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