X Factor USA September 22, 2011 Auditions 9/22/11

It’s the second premiere night of X Factor USA tonight, September 22, 2011. It’s another two-hour episode as the judges continue their quest to find those who are qualified. Solo, duo or group, find out who will be successful to go through the next round in the X Factor tonight.

Nicole Scherzinger was show in the second part of last night’s episode after replacing Cheryl Cole. Do you think she is better than Cheryl?

There are some who were remarkable last night and that includes 13-year old Rachel Crow, Stay Francis, Chris Rene and Marcus Canty. Some are just OK, even if they got all the judges’ vote. By the way, did you notice that here in X Factor, good singing isn’t the most important thing, unlike in Idol where it should come first? We were shocked the Siameze got through because he has the attitude. There are some other contestants that we thought wouldn’t get through.

We just can’t wait for the live shows to begin because that’s where the real excitement is. How about you? What do you think?

Anyway, we’ll give updates even if the live shows aren’t about to happen yet. Updates on who stood out and who did not will be provided here for X Factor USA 9/22/11 auditions episode.


Gloria Estefan shown promoting the show as auditions are held in Miami.


Successful auditions from Miami

Nick Voss – Trouble by Elvis Presley – LA Reid, “For the first time today, you got me excited. I’m impressed”. Nicole, “You’re unique”. Simon, “I absolutely love you”. 4 yeses.


Jeremiah Pagan


Kendra Williams

Melanie Amaro


Successful auditions from Dallas

Caitlin Kock

Dexter Haygood

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